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  • Hey, guys, how's it going?

  • My name is Michaela and the withdrew.

  • I've been busy with a lot of things, not only working with colic in Fukuoka City, but I also recently moved into a new place foot raisins, unexplained.

  • I love this place, and I think it's much better environment for making videos.

  • So now we're back on track.

  • Yeah, today I wanted to make a video about something, but I don't even really understand.

  • Be honest blood types you see in Japan, blood types are the equivalent of horoscopes.

  • I'm a camp record.

  • That's right.

  • I'm a beautiful goat fish.

  • Depending on your blood type, you have certain personality traits, and that's just who you are.

  • No, if ands or buts.

  • If you've lived in Japan for a long time and started to make a few Japanese friends, this question might come up when you're at a party or you and your drinking or when you're out having fun to Saul, Wait, you saw can see.

  • Blood types could be divided into four categories.

  • A, B, A, B and O.

  • Put it simply, people with blood type A 10 to be calm.

  • Patient sensitive, responsible, stubborn and unable to relax.

  • People with the blood type B tend to be individualists.

  • Strong, optimistic, created flexible, wild and unpredictable.

  • People with the blood type A B tend to be a cool, rational, sociable, popular, critical and indecisive.

  • Finally, people with the O blood type tend to be trendy, loyal, passionate, self confident, independence, ambitious and a little bit vain.

  • Finding personalities by blood type is so popular in Japan, people often try to guess what your blood type is based on the type of person you are.

  • Yeah, yeah, we kind of got me.

  • Oh, it would have to be sure, but blood types are taking a little more seriously.

  • For example, in Japan, sometimes when choosing a partner in a relationship, people consider what their partner's blood type is and whether or not they're compatible with that blood type.

  • Also used to be a story about cos profiling their future employees based on what blood type they were.

  • I'm not gonna hire those be got that.

  • As for me, I think it is something fun to kind of talk about.

  • But I don't think it should be taken so seriously because there are exceptions to everything, always and blood freaks me out.

  • What's your blood type?

  • Do you even know a lot of foreigners don't know their own blood type because we're never told this information.

  • It's never really necessary for us in North America.

  • But I actually found out my blood type for the first time.

  • When I came here and had a blood test.

  • It was traumatizing, and I'll never forget what they told me.

  • So what's your blood type?

  • Let me know in the comments and let's talk about it.

  • Um, my dog making noises.

  • I will see you next week.

  • I promise I will make a video next week.

  • Okay, let's talk soon.

  • Bye.

Hey, guys, how's it going?

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