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Mr. Novak. The doctor will see you now.
Come in.
Hi, Doc.
Welcome, Mr. Novak.
I’ve got some great news for you.
The chemotherapy has worked and the tumor has disappeared.
Oh, great.
So you should be back to your old self soon.
Good. Good.
The only thing, is we did miss one test the last time you were here..
Oh... another one?
But don’t worry. This one is a quickie.
I just need you to go to the gentlemen’s room and deposit your semen into this container.
Oh... OK, Doc.
Oh... Mr. Novak.
If you...
need some...
reading material
there’s some magazines under the sink for you.
OK, Doc.
Good luck.
This is hard.
OK, Doc. Almost...
Is everything OK in there, Mr. Novak?
Mr. Novak?
Oh... Doc.
Doc, I tried everything...
but I just couldn’t do it.
Yeah. I tried my left hand
and I tried my right hand.
I even tried both hands but I got nothing.
There is no need to be embarrassed, Mr. Novak.
For a man who’s gone through what you’ve been through
it’s quite common to be impotent.
What are you talking about?! Impotent?!
I couldn’t get the top off.
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Semen sample, please

6305 Folder Collection
drsueec published on August 1, 2013    Wendy translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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