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  • Hey guys!

  • So since I made a video... kind of laughing at the funny English that have in Japan here.

  • I thought it would only fair to tell you guys about the stupid Japanese that I have seen in Canada.

  • So it is really popular to get Kanji tattoos in Canada, America, or any those English-speaking countries.

  • I’m sure.

  • But I was at the tattoo parlor and it have a big poster on the wall.

  • One side had all these different Kanji and then it hadEnglish translation”,

  • but I swear half of the translations was completely wrong.

  • Not even close to the actual meaning.

  • I speak Chinese a little bit too, so I know it wasn’t just like the Chinese translation or anything

  • it wasn’t Japanese or Chinese.

  • For example, it have a Kanji like say, “horseand the translation will bedog”.

  • WHAT!?

  • People are trusting this getting tattoos of it and I know a lots of people don’t even like

  • thoroughly research the meaning of the tattoo they want before they’d get it.

  • So you guys are interested getting a Kanji tattoo

  • I have nothing against I’ve seen really awesome Japanese writing tattoos,

  • but PLEASE research the meaning before you get permanently tattoo on your body.

  • Ask Japanese person or Chinese person or someone who speaks the language well.

  • It’s worth it.

  • The WORST one I’ve seen was a guy downtown, he was wearing a tank top and he had like

  • two BIG kanji here.

  • Maybe it is like... this big.

  • Namae! (名前) namae! (名前!) (It means name.)


  • What did he asked for?

  • I thought maybe likehe asked a Japanese guy.

  • Oh I want my name here. Can you tattoo my name?

  • The Japanese guy is like heheok and wrote name.

  • I don’t know how that happen, but I can’t think any legitimate reason

  • that he wantnametattoo on his arm.

  • Yeah. That was my retarded Japanese story, but there’s lot of other examples.

  • There’s like t-shirts with random Kanji on them even hiragana and katakana

  • that makes absolutely no sense

  • So don’t feel bad Japan, Canada sucks too!

  • By the way, I’m wearing my handsome lashes.

  • (Sharla speaking Japanese)

  • Subtitled by Jhoe Rosales.

Hey guys!

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Stupid Japanese Kanji Tattoos バカな漢字タトゥー

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/24
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