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  • wait, I say for Shoko fees in cash is your focus is I think that is vintage is really such a notable father.

  • We Fortaleza chapter school under shopping.

  • Yes.

  • Chatter for school and shop therapies to shopping conversation Grassy.

  • They would problem my father, my Louis force avoid this problem Seriously.

  • A particular vase.

  • Brasses?

  • Yeah.

  • Nobody Good.

  • Yeah, because they have to fish their proper.

  • That you should have told you Take father wanted is What is your father?

  • He signed a permit to be members.

  • Thank you, Simon.

  • Okay, King David, I feel the fees is no.

  • I mean my daughter resembles his army.

  • Reached out to his family.

  • I got me Rob Mystical Mika and started the moment.

  • Chief, what about the new such hot button would have seen in Pakistan.

  • Listen, chapel But they have committed those damn impressed your movie My side, My side of the eye I still follow santo me t t some with me.

  • So tell me, Rose for my love I want your deals Short year for Theo.

  • Theo Oh, how awesome!

  • We have a cut on the glass with your place Later my feet would say I sighed a lit candle room.

  • Free State the obvious.

  • But I want the number for the day.

  • I mean, before that change the problem.

  • The problem.

  • New prosecutor?

  • Actually, I don't know.

  • The problem is our problem.

  • I feel so sorry or sign Just Mickey.

  • What?

  • That they okay.

  • A mutable father.

  • His state t Theo Theo before legal Capitola Dhafir Interview a player out This system is actually another SAB.

  • And if I stayed here basically goofy think was know I possessed a magical purposes.

  • What?

  • Theo for Georgie School Put this in court with Fallon Fallon.

  • Fallon would gape your Norris case was taken to Fortaleza Gina Chatter via sweet passing grade said You ve just about there.

  • Yeah, I grasp you showed greeted by a couple like down myself for months.

  • So the chances of it, yeah, large cricket is for school fees, population on TV that people will say universe information across a committee King bash.

  • My gold digger knows people believe believe a nice Kallio besides Prime Minister here.

wait, I say for Shoko fees in cash is your focus is I think that is vintage is really such a notable father.

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