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  • in 2003.

  • When I started to work in coffee, there wasn't a lot going on.

  • There were, however, a few institutions, and they're still trading today, and I wanted to make a short film about them on the way that they influenced my thinking about coffee.

  • Right now, London's an amazing place to drink coffee, and it's in the middle of its third big coffee boom.

  • No much remains of the first to write.

  • The 1st 1 started here.

  • 16 52 was a massive deal square mile, but not much of that remains, except for this thing, just small plaque on Dhe Lloyd's of London.

  • Lord was originally coffeehouse, where customers came to trade shipping insurance.

  • Now it's very different, though the runners in the building is still called waiters.

  • My first coffee job involved working on Oxford Street on the only place nearby to buy beans that I found was this place Higgins.

  • Back then, I was selling domestic expression machines on.

  • I knew nothing about the coffee I worked with, other than it was a 60 40 arabica robusta blend that wasn't very good.

  • So I went Here is the first time I saw they had between seal was super old school.

  • Back then, guys were like brown overcoats, old shopkeepers, and I brought some coffee beans that were really expensive at the time on totally wrong for what I wanted, and I just didn't get it.

  • But this place it's started in 1942.

  • It started during the Second World War and sort of made it out of those years and rationing afterwards and has become kind of an institution.

  • Coffees are pretty old school.

  • It's like Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the Galapagos and places like that.

  • So, like nothing really current.

  • Nothing super traceable, but just kind of the old school stuff.

  • The next place I found was called the Algerian Coffee Stores.

  • I still knew nothing about coffee, but I had bought David Sherman's book and I'd read it on.

  • I went in and tried to talk about coffee like he talks about coffee, and I asked for some beans that were roasted just into second crack like nice mahogany color mill, visible oils, and they looked at me like I was kind of crazy.

  • I've still got back were often because it's a pretty good place to go and shop.

  • The strange coffee brewers glass, Conor's market parts, that kind of thing.

  • Even though the coffee's haven't really changed that much over the last 10 years.

  • Just around the corner from there soon find another institution just called Bar Italia.

  • Bar Italia is one of the remnants of the second wave of coffee that London had, which was kind of fifties espresso bar boom on.

  • It's still going started in 1949 runs, 24 hours a day on the coffee in there is super traditional old school Italian, which is pretty great.

  • When I started to identify as being a barista, I totally what I was doing when I didn't know what I was doing, going in four in the morning and asking for a double restaurant, too.

  • Kind of, you know, like I knew what I was doing to live like the serious coffee order, and I'll never forget how the guy behind the bar looked at me like I was just a idiot.

  • It's £2 from espresso is like This will be £4.

  • You may as well just get one.

  • Espresso is the same amount of liquid again going back there today.

  • Nothing has really changed the machine, the staff service, the Deco coffee, it all as it was 10 years ago.

  • And I don't think it's gonna change anytime soon.

  • And it's kind of good that that's somewhere in London doing that old school espresso thing well and doing it with pride.

  • And that's been doing it for a really long time.

  • Even though it's not coffee had ever really choose to drink, despite the fact that they started in 1978 roasting in the basement here on Mama three.

  • It wasn't actually into 2005.

  • I found Mama on.

  • They were my introduction to quality.

  • They were The first company came across in London.

  • Serving coffee came from a single farm.

  • They were more interested in filter espresso, despite the fact that what they do is now very common in London.

  • They have never really chased trends, just done their thing for decades now.

  • They haven't tried to be like everyone else.

  • They just stuck to the principles on.

  • Every time you go crazy, busy, I drink a lot of filter coffee there.

  • I enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed this video.

in 2003.

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Four London Coffee Institutions

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