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  • Show me a stranger

  • and I'll show you a friend that you haven't met yet.

  • Because the obstacle in the way of anything

  • is usually just one of the prices of success.

  • And people are more than numbers.

  • To crack a smile is really no stress.

  • Divide my time like economics,

  • I love to say "Hi" and "Bye" less.

  • Multiply first impressions by everything you might have guessed.

  • Prejudice takes time

  • but my time is business.

  • And this just makes big dollars and sense.

  • Why would you hate when love just costs less?

  • In fact, the muscles it takes to make a frown

  • make more work than to just turn it upside-down.

  • But you hate it when I'm polite.

  • Can't stand when I'm sincere.

  • Call me all these names. Wondering why I'm still just standing here?

  • Mainly because your ignorance leads me to believe

  • that you really just need a hug. (Laughter)

  • And I've been public enemy number one

  • ever since I learned to kill them with love.

  • I am a psychotic serial lover.

  • Seriously considering only complimenting our mothers,

  • because whether you like it or not,

  • I am your brother.

  • A teddy bear terrorist chilling with

  • my well-mannered crew.

  • Yeah, you're a racist but I'm gonna still hold the door open for you.

  • 'Cause seriously, dude, ain't no need for the attitude

  • and I ain't mad at you, I had bad days too.

  • Here's my celly. Let's talk. I'm a great listener too.

  • Family driving you crazy, man, and I know I ain't do.

  • Let me know. I love kids, I can be a babysitter too.

  • Yeah, boy, 'cause I'm nice like that.

  • I even watch your car if you promise that you'll be right back.

  • So relax and be cool.

  • Ain't no point in lying to you.

  • I am a servant and my master sees all that I do.

  • So tell me what you need, dude.

  • A dollar? Here, take two.

  • Achoo! May a lord bless you, guide you, and make things easy for you.

  • This respect thing is just what I do.

  • And it's past tolerating. It's on the path

  • of understanding and appreciating you.

  • So tell me what you're gonna do

  • when the love come for you?

  • Insult my heritage? We're both from Adam and Eve, fool!

  • Oh, snap! How you like that?

  • You gave me extra change and I gave it right back.

  • I let people pass when they wanna switch lanes

  • 'Cause if it was me, I hope they'd do the same.

  • You butchered my name but this is OK.

  • It happens all the time.

  • I won't correct it anyways.

  • And it may sound strange but I'm a beat at change.

  • Improve every day to prove their rudeness is lame.

  • I believe in modesty and try to lower my gaze,

  • and if everything is from above than everything is the same.

  • I ain't impressed by money, cars, clothes, or fame.

  • I am a Muslim, so the trinkets of this world don't mean a thing.

  • I was taught that peace is not the absence of war.

  • But peace is a feeling that can only come

  • from remembering your Lord so for the sake of peace

  • there's no point in hating me anymore.

  • It's a big place. We can all live together in this world.

  • I invite you all to join me in this jihad of love,

  • and see first hand why

  • fundamentalism still begins with fun.

  • (Laughter)

  • And if you don't agree

  • I won't even judge.

  • I just kill you all

  • with love.

  • (Applause)(Cheers)

  • (Music)

Show me a stranger

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