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  • you have it, Mary.

  • That's missile Sweet.

  • That's home.

  • You stick to your rooms and your room's only know exploring.

  • No talking about.

  • I didn't ask to be here.

  • Wait E show you.

  • Who are you?

  • My name is Mary Lennox and my uncle owns this house.

  • I'm calling Craven cousins.

  • I want these songs was filled with happiness.

  • Now my father wants me locked in this room.

  • So forgiven I need to keep secret.

  • You know of a magical place with Bud.

  • Sing to you.

  • You need to see it.

  • Way to go outside.

  • He knows you might feel better.

  • Hey, are you chicken?

  • Hello.

  • You know what your risk?

  • It's what?

  • The risk.

  • Stop.

  • This is all God.

  • And it could be whatever way, even more secrets is Goblin.

  • My mother made this place magical.

  • You were hiding something.

  • If you cause me trouble, I'm obliged.

  • My lord.

  • Have you sent to school?

  • I'm going to break away.

  • Stay away from my son.

  • I was trying to be expected.

  • This'll garden.

  • It's capable of extraordinary things.

you have it, Mary.

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