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  • big pines hold the potential to revolutionise our economy in so many incredible ways.

  • But maybe it is time to ask ourselves whether we are ready to embrace the dawn of technological revolution if it means it comes to the huge impact on our lives.

  • Why?

  • Because the brutal, if unintended, consequence of one of 21st century's most promising technologies is that it relies on a very energy intensive production process turned Bitcoin mining 99% of all Bitcoin mining operations around the world around on supercomputers, child mining machines, which are connected to the Cryptocurrency network.

  • And the sole purpose of these supercomputers is to verify the origin off Big Cohen transactions by solving has sent off highly complex mathematical equations.

  • Well, it is not necessary to run these mathematical equations 200% verifying George.

  • It has become a trusted verification system for a global Cryptocurrency network to ensure that no one is tampering with a global record of transactions.

  • So every time a Cryptocurrency supercomputer is trying to run these mathematical equations, the one was the highest likelihood of winning.

  • Their transactions will be rewarded with a small set off Bitcoins the faster your computer the higher your processing power, the more likely you are to be the winner off big corn minds.

  • So to make as much money as possible from this process, bighorn minus will try to stack up on supercomputers, filling up warehouses, industrial parks or even villages with a huge amount of super computer processing power.

  • Because the problem is that the Bitcoin equal system is one that is very resource and energy intensive, relying on the latest state of the art cooling and equipment technology that energy demand is so large that it consumes as much as seven giggle with ours in a whole year or almost as much at 70.21% of goal energy.

  • It may not sound like a lot, but actually with the same amount of electricity, you can power a whole country the size of Switzerland, while a single big court transaction consumes as much electricity as 18 U.

  • S.

  • Households in a full day.

  • But sourcing such large amount of energy can't be done everywhere without biting into the profit margins of Bitcoin miners, you need a country would relax environmental standards, large amount of energy and cheap electricity prices to most miners one place comes to mind, namely China, which is home to 3/4 of global Bitcoin mining operation.

  • However, China operates on one of the world's most studious sources of energy quote.

  • But if we keep going at the same rate that we've been doing so far, if we keep pushing Bitcoin mining operations, actually we may be able to push the planet beyond two degree warming as fast as in the next two decades.

  • And that is scary because once we reach 1.5 degree warming, the impact on our global ecosystems are going to be catastrophic and irreversible.

big pines hold the potential to revolutionise our economy in so many incredible ways.

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