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  • So Jun and I stopped at a rest stop on a highway the other day, and Jun foundthis!

  • These are plates that get put up underneath swallow nests all around Japan to catch their droppings

  • so that they don’t poop on people walking underneath the nests.

  • These signs are coordinated by a non-profit organization called バードリサーチ or Bird Research.

  • According to their website, swallows often build their nests in public areas

  • where it can be inconvenient for people, so in order to prevent stations and service centers

  • from destroying the nests, they coordinated methods to make it easier for the swallows

  • and people to live together. Since 2012 theyve been creating these plates,

  • which stations can then order and put up themselves.

  • Last year they sent out more than 1000 of them.

  • They also teach people how to make artificial nests, which stations can put up in areas

  • that are more convenient. These artificial nests encourage swallows to lay their eggs there

  • rather than build their own nests in bad locations, like right over bathroom entrances.

  • Jun and I really love animals so we think this project is really cool, and I hope it

  • keeps growing so all the little birdies can lay their eggs peacefully and have happy families!

So Jun and I stopped at a rest stop on a highway the other day, and Jun foundthis!

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