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  • The bullet egg is a traditional Filipino food, which is poached fertilized duck embryo.

  • It's known for being a hangover cure.

  • The egg contains esteem, substance that breaks down hangover toxins in the liver.

  • Bullet was probably chosen as one of the world's three most disgusting egg dishes by oddity Central along with century eggs from China, which are prepared by preserving eggs for several weeks in a picture.

  • Clay, ash, salt line and rice.

  • Also, Virgin X, which is also from China, is made by soaking eggs in the urine of young boys.

  • That's gross against China is one of those foodie countries making delicious foods in bizarre ways.

  • Japanese eat pretty nasty stuff, too, like not, which is basically rotten beans.

  • Sadako, which is fish berm and the even eat baby bees.

  • My Japanese girlfriend, Mike.

  • Oh, it's all of this, but let's see how she handles blood.

  • This is gonna be Michael's first time to try, but I think this egg is 17 days old.

  • People actually eat it a lot older.

  • This is This is very young, won't have like hair and sub, which sometimes it has.

  • Let's see how Michael handles it.

  • Michael, come over here.

  • All right.

  • This is your first bullet.

  • Tell me how it's like.

  • I can see his vein, you see.

  • Oh, it's like a seaweed.

  • You're You gotta eat it.

  • I think this is ahead.

  • When does yours have your you seven like this?

  • That is an interesting picture.

  • I think it's like, What is worse?

  • You're gonna be surprising.

  • I think I can't do it from this side.

  • But maybe from this I think that's a good look at the black side.

  • It's happening.

  • It's not that bad.

  • Oh, you don't need this part.

  • You get it?

  • You almost finished?

  • It's hot on my racer.

  • Tell you this.

  • Oh, but you know all this.

  • Good.

  • Can you eat the head?

  • This is hair E.

  • Think I'm done?

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • Recommended.

  • Let's go eat some regular chicken now.

The bullet egg is a traditional Filipino food, which is poached fertilized duck embryo.

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