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  • ♀R: Here we are at Inazawa Grand Bowl!

  • ♀R: Aw yeah. ♂R: Here we are... Oh man. What is it? Inazawa?

  • ♀R: Inazawa-shi! ♂R: Inazawaaaa with Rachel and Jun

  • ♂R: And GaijinShane. ♀R: WOO WOO WOO S: On the road to Pearl City~

  • ♀R: Jun's like "Oh my god why'd we bring the foreigners..."

  • ♀R: BOWLING ♂R: Bowling!!

  • ♂R: Japanese bowling.

  • J: Japanese bowling...? ♂R: It's a little bit different than normal bowling.

  • ♂R: What's your tactic? J: Hm?

  • ♂R: What's your tactic?

  • J: Just throw the ball as hard as I can.

  • ♀R: Where are the costumes?

  • ♀R: You can use costumes for free.

  • J: We need to apply first, though.

  • S: Put on your costumes!

  • ♂R: You'll never guess who this mystery bowler is!

  • J: Stupid, strange foreigners... dancing in costumes.

  • J: All right!

  • ♀R: Woo!

  • ♀R: You need your hat on so you can't see, like the rest of us!

  • ♀R: Go Jun Go!! S: Goddammit...

  • ♀R: You're good!

  • S: Ok, Jun! Let's go, horsey!

  • ♀R: Go horsey Go!!

  • ♀R: I got you.

  • ♂R: He's pulling out the big guns.

  • S: Let's go, Horse!

  • ♀R: What are you talking about you "suck at bowling"?!

  • ♂R: Well I used to, apparently. I swear to god!

  • ♀R: When you put on your super raccoon suit...

  • ♂R: This is all the power of the raccoon suit!

  • J: Uwagh, I can't breathe!

  • ♂R: This is the spare challenege.

  • ♂R: It comes immediately after the strike challenge in most cases.

  • ♀R: So, I hope you enjoyed costume bowling with us today!

  • ♀R: And Shane and Regan!

  • ♀R: So how was it?

  • J: The horse mask was really horrible. It smelled really bad.

  • ♀R: It smelled really bad?

  • ♀R: Well thanks for watching! We'll see you guys later!

  • ♀R: So these are Regan and Shane's final scores.

  • ♀R: If you want to find out how OUR final scores were,

  • ♀R: check out Regan's video on channel Japan with Regan!

  • ♀R: This bowling alley once held the Guinness World record for the most lanes in the world,

  • ♀R: although not anymore.

  • ♂R: Do you wanna both be in it?

  • ♂R: Beautiful. A dance? A jig?

♀R: Here we are at Inazawa Grand Bowl!

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Costume Bowling in Japan with Regan and Shane! コスプレ・ボーリング(日本)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/23
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