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tell us about this.
Tell us about wanderlust.
U S A.
This is an audio book that you have coming out.
And what is what happens on this Because you can't really tell from from the cover.
That's not obvious.
No, it's not okay.
Yeah, This is a delicious audio gift for your brains and your hopes come in.
And I love to travel so very much as as to, you know, we've been everywhere together to belly.
No way have we travel together.
Yes, I would tell everyone about what we did, but you made me sign the nd a?
Yes, Yes.
Do you still have the matching minister?
D'oh, d'oh!
That I mean, I think I know.
Yeah, okay.
We'll check later.
You're fascinated with American history.
You love American history, and this is your exploring it.
And sort of telling us what the German influences in American history a little bit.
Yes, yes.
So you are a good close.
Yes, close, but no cigarette e, You may have to leave soon.
I'm getting ready.
A Conan, As you know, you and I are both very big history.
Yes, Yes, way very much.
Enjoy these things.
And I learned something about your revolutionary war.
And so, you know, the wonderful musical Hamilton.
Yeah, but it did not include this real general Freakish Cai von Staden.
And he wants stupid people.
You pinhead!
All the German names runs together.
You know what he was?
He was a ah famous German general who helped out the Americans.
Oh, he totally head out.
Have you seen this thing?
Small Wonder, that lady robot from the eighties who helps pick up all the dirty things from Mr Bell videos.
Living room.
I know no one here knows what you're talking about.
That was only in books.
I will tell you what happens.
It is now Valley Forge.
You have just lost Philadelphia to the Brits.
It's 17 77.
It's super cold.
Washington CIA people are eating shoes becomes greeted.
Wilhelm from starving.
And now imagine.
It's like the dirty dancing montage.
You know, Hungry Eyes is playing Patrick Swayze easier, making like a cup out of clay while Demi Demi levar Hatred.
It's not DeMille apartment.
He trained our troops.
Yes, we find our true strange.
True, our troops did not know how to fight and find Schubert's Ivan Steuerman?
Yes, Okay.
Statement taught us how to fight, and it made him think a military man.
You wrote a very wonderful man.
You will.
He also said to separate the latrine from the kitchens.
Like, why would you poop where you eat it?
You gotta get separated.
You know that?
I know they did.
That song from the offspring had not yet been written.
We do not know to keep them separate.
Just like 1994.
I know that's a great reference.
And I if you got it, you're going to get some turtle wax way.
Have a picture of here of you as a von Steuben.
There you are.
You are writing the proclamation that people should not apu and eat in the same place.
I'm going so deep.
Yes, that is a Napoleon outfit from Amazon.
That's fine.
But I want to tell you when you go deep into the character, you become like a spelunker in the cold spot cabins.
You know, looking at sta lag middies and still activities, you know, exploring.
That's what I'm doing.
We're very happy for you.
Lots of topics recovered in this audiobook like, uh uh, like, uh, Elvis.
So things that UFO Festive Kentucky Derby Having Ducky Derby, Kentucky to Kentucky.
I'm sorry.
Kentucky Kentucky Derby.
Lucky Why, with teeth, it's one strike for Kentucky Derby, the Kentucky Derby.
I have gone there because as a child, my cousin Sweetback told me that horses were just criminal unicorns who had performed some kind of crime in another galaxy robbery, second degree murder.
Nobody knows, and they are sent to earth, and they have their horns remove.
Oh, and the most villainous of all of these unicorns must run around in a dirty over and the most ruthless they go to this place Kentucky Derby.
It's like the Rikers Island off unicorns.
And so I discovered them.
So anyone who listens to this is gonna end up being dumber when it's over.
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Flula Borg Is A U.S. History "Buffalo" - CONAN on TBS

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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