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This is why the United States and the world needs to pay attention to Taiwan. Hey everyone.
So recently I've been feeling a bit tired and down.
Especially after everyday hearing so much negative news about people getting sick. And with all of this fear and negativity
I think a lot of people feel the same way. And really it's no wonder that everyone feels so worried.
But this week I want to try and do something a little different, and take all of this bad news and
Turn it into something a bit more constructive.
Because I think a lot of the world can learn a few things from the way that Taiwan has been handling this public health crisis.
While the rest of the world seems to be confused and panicked
People in Taiwan have remained relatively calm rational and informed.
This along with the fast and aggressive response by the Taiwanese government, and healthcare system
Has led Taiwan to be one of the best prepared countries affected so far.
And I really think the United States and the rest of the world should pay attention to Taiwan,
Especially to the things that they've done right so far. The best evidence of this is by looking at Taiwan's situation today,
Especially when compared to other countries in the region.
Taiwan is a country less than 200 kilometers away from Mainland China.
Not to mention the two have very close economic and travel links. Yet compared to similar East Asian countries,
Taiwan has managed to contain the outbreak on an unprecedented level.
Whereas places like mainland China have seen over 80 thousand cases, and in other countries like Japan reporting over a thousand. And in South Korea the
Number is quickly increasing and approaching 8,000 total cases.
This all the while, Taiwan has seen less than 50 total cases and only one reported death. Yet despite
All of this Taiwan's response has been overlooked by other countries, and what's more is still not included in The W.H.O.
Despite having one of the best health care responses of any country in the region.
Meanwhile, countries thousands of miles away in Europe the Middle East, and for me closer to home in North America,
Are seeing the virus spread rapidly and this is causing people to panic.
This is especially worrying to me because my family is all still living in the United States ,where things are getting worse everyday.
And of course, I worry about their health and well-being more
than anything else. That's why I really hope people pay attention to this video and learn from what Taiwan has done
So well in order to stay safe and healthy.
So what exactly is Taiwan doing right and what can other countries like the United States learn from Taiwan?
Well, let's first look at what steps Taiwan took early on in the outbreak.
During the early stages Taiwan cut off all direct flights from affected regions like China, and has issued a mandatory
14-day quarantine for all people returning from affected countries.
More importantly people who break this quarantine are fined upwards of thirty thousand US dollars. This not only limits the inflow of people from affected
Countries but also isolates people at risk, and more importantly penalizes people who do not comply.
Meanwhile, the United States has also implemented a quarantine,
While people there continue to attend public events and ignore the advice of public health officials.
This is what's helping the virus spread faster day-by-day.
Aside from this, Taiwan was also quick to act by closing all public schools and universities early on as well as canceling major public events.
Its actions like these that led to Taiwan's success so far.
The next thing that Taiwan has done extremely well as its implementation of rigorous public health screenings.
This means temperature checks before entering places, like hospitals, government buildings, tourist landmarks, schools, and universities.
Many people in the US and other countries might see this as a violation of personal freedom,
But I can attest to the importance of measures like these.
People like myself and every other person in Taiwan has had to go through temperature checks almost daily while traveling outside.
But these few extra minutes or even seconds each day have seemed to work.
This, accompanied by mandatory hand sanitation in these public places,
Has also helped to catch early cases as well as improve public sanitation. Another big problem in other countries like the US
Is the prevalence of panic buying for things like face masks and hand sanitizer.
Recently, while on the phone with my mom
She told me that all supermarkets and pharmacies are sold out and people have begun to panic buy everything in the store.
This is also an area in which Taiwan has intervened by putting buying limits on sanitation products, and has
even implemented a rationing system based on your national ID number to ensure that all people have equal access, and
A fair chance to buy the things that they need. Taiwan has also put in steep fines on reselling and price gouging,
Another big problem in the US right now.
Taiwan is an example of how responsible policies and actions by the government can prevent panic, increase fairness, and improve public health.
The final thing that I want has done remarkably
Well is the free flow of information and transparency between the government news agencies and health services.
This is in contrast to countries like China and Thailand where misinformation
Censorship and delayed reporting's have made things even worse.
Even in places like the United States
Mistrust in the government or in local media institutions is making the problem more difficult to control.
Taiwan on the other hand has been extremely proactive in communicating up-to-date information and
Aggressively pushing public health education. This includes health and safety announcements on public transit,
TV, radio, and in public areas. This includes important sanitation information like proper hand-washing,
Appropriate mask usage and even a special public health hotline. All in all, these steps have been effective. Again,
Just look at these numbers.
Considering its situation and location, Taiwan has been able to handle the virus like no other country in the world.
It's an example of how the open flow of information,
Effective quarantine procedures, broad screenings in public places, and public sanitation education can help to contain the virus.
This is all while allowing people to continue their everyday lives with minimal impact.
As someone who is living here and experiencing life day to day,
I can only applaud Taiwan in the responsible and organized way that it has handled things thus far. For all the governments and nations
Affected by the virus, I urge you to take a close look at Taiwan and use Taiwan as an example.
And remember that #Taiwancanhelp. As for myself, I feel extremely grateful to be living in Taiwan.
There's really no other place in the world I'd rather be at a time like this. Like everyone,
I hope that this issue is resolved as soon as possible
And that we can all stay safe and healthy over the following weeks and months.
For everyone watching take care, stay safe and be healthy.
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Why The US and the World Need to Pay Attention to Taiwan!

2814 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on March 23, 2020
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