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  • Have you ever wondered why your employees get stuck?

  • Why people in the company sometimes hit a ceiling?

  • What may be happening is that you're not pushing them hard enough,

  • but I don't mean pushing them to deliver more work or to deliver more profit or

  • to deliver more sales.

  • What I mean is pushing them to grow as an individual, to become healthier,

  • to become more confident, to go into transformation,

  • to embrace personal growth.

  • What if the push that we gave people in an office was, first and foremost,

  • growth as the goal?

  • At Mindvalley, I decided to make that number one, not just for myself

  • but for everyone who works with me.

  • I literally have lunches with every new hire, and I talk about where they want

  • to be one year from now.

  • And then we discussif they're going to be participating in a Spartan Race,

  • we discuss the best way to optimize their nutrition.

  • We might recommend a new meditation program or new books to read.

  • When you make growth the number one goal, everything else will rise,

  • because when you grow, everything you touch,

  • everyone you interact with, every project you take on is going

  • to grow with you.

  • So growth should be the number one thing.

  • And where you want to push your people most is to push them to grow,

  • to light a fire under their ass, so they decide to become the best

  • versions of themselves.

  • While goals like more revenue, more profit per employee,

  • more sales are all wonderful things, the number one goal has to be how fast are

  • you growing, how much are you transforming, how are you becoming the

  • best version of yourself so you can show up as greater and greater iterations

  • of yourself every day at work.

  • So from better bodies, to better minds, to more compassion, kindness, and care,

  • to better culture and better confidence and better ideation.

  • You might want to check out Mindvalley Mentoring for Business,

  • where we're bringing in the world's best mentors to now come and give powerful,

  • meaningful, life-transforming insights to people in companies and governments all

  • around the world.

  • Because the best people to work with, the best people to hire,

  • the best people to be friends with, the best people to lead you are the people

  • who focus, first and foremost, on the becoming the best

  • versions of themselves.

Have you ever wondered why your employees get stuck?

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