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you've always seemed like, uh, I'm gonna say it.
You've always seemed like kind of, Ah, cool guy to me.
A guy who knows how to dress.
Yeah, you know, you know, like the right.
I'm seriously, like you're always worrying.
Like the kind of glasses that I suspect or the cool glasses to wear or the you've always got that jacket on.
That, I'm guessing, is the cool jacket.
That's just how you seem to me, e o fair.
But I think that's something that's in my head.
And then whenever I go out and do things, I realize that I'm absolutely not cool.
So for a moment, I think I'm cool like I was in.
Uh, this is I was in London right now.
This is a true story, but it's kind of like a brag thing.
Baggy thing to say.
I think I know a lot of people have access to airline.
I was in London.
And there's a lot of shitty parts along, and I was I was going record shopping and I saw this guy who to me looked old.
I was like that guy.
So he's older than me, and he's wearing a black T shirt.
I'm like, What is it with old guys are wearing black T shirts buying records, But that was exactly me.
Like I wear a black T shirt and I think the guy probably was actually my age.
And it's just like this.
Were you looking in a mirror way?
Look, he's doing what?
I'm doing it.
I went to this show in downtown L.
A and meet.
It was like So underground is a band called Circuit a singer named Circuit Does you?
And I was like, No one knows where this is gonna go down there downtown.
No one goes down there to see shows, right?
I'll be the crime.
The only guy there.
Yeah, that's what I thought packed with guys my age.
That kind of looked like me.
Yeah, I'm way in the back of the line.
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Fred Armisen Is "Absolutely Not Cool" - CONAN on TBS

132 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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