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Hi, I'm Alessia Cara and I voice Jane in The Willoughbys.
On April 22nd, you can watch The Willoughbys, which is a movie about friendship, and love, and family.
♪Under the rainbow I will spend the perfect home for my best friend♪
Now that you know about The Willoughbys, here's what's coming up next on Netflix in April.
[What to watch in April]
[Kids & Family]
-[The Big Show Show, Netflix Original] -Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my dad!
Your dad's The Big Show?!
I'm not just some ex-wrestler who doesn't have a purpose.
I'm also a parent.
Are you gonna cry?
Yes, but later when I'm in the bath.
-[The Main Event, Netflix Film] -Who here is ready to be a Superstar?
Does our little Leo want to be a WWE Superstar?
Fits perfect.
[The Willoughbys]
[The Big Show Show]
[The Main Event]
-[Coffee & Kareem, Netflix Film] -Is everything okay?
This all started when your son tried to have me killed, because he saw us having sex this morning.
It's not safe here.
Oh, why did I date a white guy?!
[Love Wedding Repeat, Netflix Film]
I just have to say something. Um...
Ha! There he is!
Just one more thing.
-What? -Oh my God!
-Never Have I Ever, Netflix Original. -Hey gods, it's your favorite Hindu girl in the San Fernando Valley.
I think we can all agree that last year sucked.
This year, we're rebranding.
We are glamorous women of color, who deserve a sexy high school life.
-[The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, Netflix Original] -Repeat after me...
Girls are not funny.
Girls aren't funny, and they never will be president.
This week on American Top Knot.
Should I post this?
The Ripped Fat Dude Workout.
All catheters hurt.
[Brew Brothers, Netflix Original.]
So, which one of you is in charge?
-I am. -I am.
Family business, like the Lehman Brothers.
Yeah... uh... big fans.
-[Middleditch & Schwartz, Netflix Original] -Ladies and gentlemen, that is Thomas Middleditch.
And that's Benjamin Schwartz.
We are Middleditch and Schwartz.
Everything tonight will be made up on the spot; every character, every word, every sentence.
Woo-hoo! Sick.
[Chris D'ella: No Pain, Netflix Original]
Let me ask a question, what's the deal with people who wear Supreme?
Why do you have to wear all of the articles of Supreme clothing at the same time and be riding the Supreme bicycle?
Don't be doing that, alright?
-[After Life: Season 2, Netflix Original] -Downplay it.
Downplay you?
I'd have to say...
He looks like someone police would drag out of a river.
I'm trying to work out if there's a way I can still carry on annoying people after I die, but I haven't, I haven't cracked it yet.
[The Midnight Gospel, Netflix Original]
Ah, thanks for activating me, master.
Which simulated universe will you enter today?
[Community: The Complete Series]
[Kim's Convenience: Season 4]
[Coffee & Kareem]
[Love Wedding Repeat]
[Never Have I Ever]
[The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show]
[Brew Brothers]
[Middleeditch & Schwartz]
[Chris D'elia: No Pain]
[After Life: Season 2]
[The Midnight Gospel]
[#blackAF, April 17]
[La Casa De Papel: Part 4, Netflix Original]
[Dangerous Lies, Netflix Film] We're in serious trouble, Adam.
How long did you work for Mr. Wellsly?
I'm Mr. Wellsly's attorney.
He left everything to you.
You're a very lucky woman.
[The Last Kingdom: Season 4, Netflix Original] All of you, hear me.
This is a battle that we can win.
Though it will take all of us, every man and every sword, and we will fight with all the wit that Alfred has instilled.
God is with us.
[La Casa De Papel: Part 4]
[Dangerous Lies]
[The Last Kingdom: Season 4]
[Sergio, Netflix Film] Sergio De Mello, the world's Mr. Fix It.
The most powerful official in UN history.
Boss wants you in Iraq.
They can send anybody else. It doesn't have to be you.
My work is in the field.
[TigerTail, Netflix Film] (Speaking Chinese) Why didn't you tell me you were leaving?
You're my father.
I don't even know how to talk to you. I never have.
There are many things I never told you.
[Outer Banks, Netflix Original.] The Outer Banks—paradise on Earth.
And our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.
I'm on a treasure hunt.
You're serious.
[Molly's Game]
[Outer Banks]
[Absurd Planet, Netflix Original] Ever notice how the most normal-looking critters are always secretly the biggest freaks?
The pearlfish wants to live inside the sea cucumber's rectum.
[Nadiya's Time to Eat, Netflix Original.] I love nothing more than making my kids happy, but I like saving time.
You know, this makes me happy, and them.
No matter how busy we are, with my simple go-to dishes, we can all find time to eat.
[The Innocnence Files, Netflix Originals] A lot of these people have been in prison for two, three decades.
They're out of time, and so they write to us.
In many respects, we're the court of last resort.
[Money Heist: The Phenomenon: Netflix Film] (Speaking Spanish) Our professor, the gang leader.
(Speaking Spanish) We shaped him to be a nerd almost.
(Speaking Spanish) We were like The Beatles.
We just want to thank you.
Thank you so much!
[Nailed it!: Season 4, Netflix Original] To bake or not to bake....
That is the question.
Welcome to Nailed It!
The baking competition show where we strive for A Midsommer Night's Dream.
But end up with Much Ado About Nothing.
[Absurd Planet]
[Nadiya's Time to Eat]
[The Innocence Files]
[Money Heist]
[Nailed it!: Season 4]
[Hi Score Girl: Season 2, Netflix original]
[Drifting Dragons, Netflix Original]
[Hi Score Girl: Season 2]
[Drifting Dragons]
Thanks for watching and don't forget to check out The Willoughbys on April 22nd.
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1110 Folder Collection
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