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  • father, seven doctor told him.

  • Moment, That's his name.

  • If you don't do something about your help because your muscles are degrading so rapidly, I don't know if you live to be 75.

  • I love my dad, and I damn well want to make sure he lives a long life.

  • And so I started going into longevity studies that also helped my father.

  • We know true signs that after the age of 30 whether you're male or a female, you'll lose in 1% off your musculature every single year, and we accept that it's normal.

  • The leading cause of death for American 70 and older is not cancer.

  • It's not hot disease.

  • The leading cause of accidental death for American 70 years and older, according to CBS News, is falling down.

  • It's because their musculature has become so degraded, so weak, they fall and they break something.

  • And I didn't want that happening to my father, right?

  • So how could I get my father's musculature back to healthy levels for a 70 year old man?

  • Now, when he first started doing this exercise, we calculated his one wrap Max.

  • Now, let me tell you the numbers, Okay?

  • I can do £140.

  • That's my one.

  • Wrap max for the leg press.

  • My father could do 80 and he was telling the vision, I'm twice your age and I could lift half assed much.

  • This feels so bad.

  • Full weeks later, after going through the 10 X Protocol, this is what happened to my dad the same way.

  • So he's now doing.

  • He's attempting to do 1 40 same weight as me, 42 years old.

  • That's my dad's sexiest gym should.

  • Now what he's doing.

  • There's a little bit of creative visualization.

  • That's why he's breathing and closing his eyes 100 he doesn't.

  • But now, now, debt just not showing off.

  • He does it a second time, and then and then he doesn't he fricking desert 1/3 time.

  • He beats me.

  • So I started my own research lab in Mind Valley.

  • We brought an incredible researchers, brilliant minds and weak like toe.

  • Answer the question.

  • What is the best exercise routine to truly develop high musculature?

  • Because we know musculature.

  • It's one of the highest correlations with longevity.

  • We developed a program called 10 X, and what we were able to do is in 30 minutes a week in four months.

  • Create 25% strength game in people under 30 50% strength dating people in their forties.

  • And in the case of my father, who is in the seventies, 68% strengthening that mind you is in 30 minutes a week.

  • Now, when I apply te next to my own body, remarkable things happen.

  • My chest grew, my waist shrank.

  • My biceps transformed all of this because I was now applying the right exercise.

  • So a key component of 10 x is that you are gonna be working out with really heavy weights.

  • Okay, so before you start the protocol, you go to the gym and we calculate what is called your one wrap max.

  • Everyone say that with me.

  • One rap, Max, This was completely counterintuitive to what you learned from a gym instructor.

  • Right?

  • But this is what science is saying.

  • Worked specifically, it was a method called the Super Slow Method.

  • All of a sudden I get bored, too, and I have a better body than I had when I was 21.

father, seven doctor told him.

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How To Live Long And Prosper: Human Longevity

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