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Thank you very much, ok actually I'd like you to ignore and forget this technology here for a moment this running here and think about the moon
Think moon plays an incredibly important role in Chinese culture
it defines the calendar
it also in the source of inspiration for thousands of poets, artists and writers
So, in ancient times to take the idea of the moon and express it
This's quite a complex process
and it was done using oracle bones
producing this kind of artifact
it was very difficult, and it was magical and mysterious process
and it was confined to a very very small proportion of population
and it was used to hold things like ceremonies
so people use the flow of information
and a form of control and it was very limited access
because it was so difficult to produce
You think about what happened when pen and brush and ink and paper came along
Suddendly, open up the ability for people to express their ideas to a much broader audience
it also generated new art forms, calligraphy, painting, etc
and provided a route for people to join the government through examinations
and through writings of history and things like that
So slowly, the number of people who are able to express their ideas increased
Print, was a major revolution
you think about Chinese printing machine in particular
very complex devices because the numbers of the characters
Actually setting of a press for a book took a long time
and it required a huge amount of investment
in terms of the machinery, in terms of the type setting
and actually distributing the books
So again, you had a small group of people who are very much in control
of the means of production, at the same time
you're expanding the overall size of the market and the readership by making it more broadly available
Now, along came the computer, things have changed quite considerably
now we can all express our feelings about the moon, using our computer
We can take graphically, we can write, we can do match-ups all kinds of things
and we can broadcast it to an absolutely global audience
the same time however, what that has meant is it increased the pressure for innovation
everyone now can produce on their computer
hundreds of millions of people worldwide
people can access on the internet
so it's more and more pressure for us to create
better, more interesting, more compelling content
same time, is putting pressure on traditional publishing models
before a tv stations or a magazine was licensed to print many
and then suddenly it's not so easy now
because so many people could produce content
now it seems a new revolution for touch on tablet or smartphones
and you see a company revolution in terms of again in the way you interact and generate content
through for example mobile apps, on your phone and on your tablet
so the audience is increasing pretty close now to a billion smartphone users
and that will continue to grow and computer users will also continue to increase as well
at the same time, the barriers of entry continuing to go down
because more and more of us can do it
So, a lot of people begin to wonder what's the next big trend
Last five years in technology this tremendous growth in smartphones
markets have come from no where
suddenly you see all the excitement say they're on their iPhone5 which was launched last week
and in the sense of disappointment there was no wow factor that got people really excited
and that shows, really, the revolution, the technology,
has raised a certain level of maturity
So, what is the next big thing
we believe the next big thing is actually not just one big thing
it's gonna be millions of little things
and what's gonna make that possible is 3D printing
now 3D printing has been around for quite a while now
in the background, going on, it was sort of invented in the University of Bath by a professor there
and then companies like MakerBot in the US who's started to work to popularize the technology
so now in a situation where a 3D printer costs for consumers probably around $2000
in another words, it's pretty much the same price the printers used to cost through pc network, creating one for your home
and you can see the price will continue to go down in the future
so it's gonna become a truly, accessable technology for everyone
so what's 3D printing does? it gives the idea, it gives the promise that everyone can be a maker
tomorrow I know at TED is also talking about maker, but using a 3D printer we can print our own clothes maybe, we can print our own ornaments
or we can do our own devices like this
this is just some of the examples that we've done
so you see you can make things for yourself
you wanna be a little bit more creative, you can actually make things, we can maybe sell things
think of it is perfect just came in time build to order, somebody sees it, they like it
you send a file to a printer and bam, it's done
all they purchase is the file, you share the file with them, they print it on their printer
so opens up this tremendous opportunity
and it also opens up the possibility for website like Kickstarter, I don't know if you're familiar with it
but if you have an idea you gonna present your idea and people will fund the idea
so actually have this chance to create an amazing business all through 3D printing
but actually, yes, everyone could be a maker
but it requires a team to make it really happen
a couple of weeks ago at VIA we hosted together, we used some ventures
and the first hardware, software business started to invent in the world, not just in Taiwan
and we had over hundred people come and we put them into teams and came out with ideas
what kind of products for the future they'd like to create
and what was very clear is it requires multiple disciplines
if you are a designer, you are not necessarily a manufacturer
if you're a software engineer and having work in the industry for over twenty years
I can tell you this that it doesn't mean you understand hardware
you need to be able to bring all thess skills together into a team to make it happen
VIA, we've in the technology business for a long time
and we mainly focus on creating platforms
at TEDxShanghai a few months ago we introduced this which is called APC and it's a $49 pc the first one world used Android
it was about creating a platform and the time we looked at it and there was no case, why was there no case
one of the reasons is we want people to think and build the cases themselves
and one thing they can do actually is to use the 3D printer to create the case and prototype it
so what we put together here is our 3D printing platform
as you can see, it's kind of a messy process here
you've a got a pc, you've got a motherboard and you've also got the printer itself
and all these things to work together, so we're focusing integrate and make it smooth and make it easy for people to carry out
it even has some software controls we put in there which make the processing and the productions the files much easier
as I said earlier, what's important also is not just about technology
it's not just creating a platform
it's about creating an ecosystem in a culture around it
a culture that encourages, collaboration,
Chinese poet used to get inspirations from the moon along probably, drinking few glasses of wine
And unfortunately, that's not the model for ths kind of innovation
Much is there, I'd enjoy that. it's about bringing people together from business disciplines
and figuring out how they can all fit into the picture and contribute towards it
now Taiwan it actually has an amazing infrastructure
for making this happen, it's got a world leading pc industry
IT hardware, and if anything held it back
in my opinion, it's always relied on Intel and Microsoft to do the thinking
and that was ok when the pc industry is really growing
but it now suddenly you gotta think something different, we have a very powerful IT industry
a growing software and cloud service capability
a creative community we can all see today
an entrepreneur spirit that's really driven the growth of this island
very very strong manufacutring capability, it's the government that encourages this kind of environment
and finally, it's exciting to see the emergence of collaboration spaces where people coming together to do this kind of thing
so 3D inspiration is about what
it's about taking an idea, something simple like this, it may actually look quite simple
this is a moon, which we printed earlier
it's about taking that idea and turning into an product
now, to begin with that product requires a simple product
it could be smaller, maybe be some jewelries or it could be a paper weigh in the office
could maybe in a different color, could have a character on it, or logos all kinds of things
so first just simple productisation
second now it produce a wave to the prototyping
for storification and socialization
where in the hot phases of internet and things what is gonna happen in the future
how we're gonna embed the internet
into everyone device, it provides a perfect vehicle for making that happen
just thinking in the future, you adding that to connectivity
you adding senses, so maybe you could have environmental information, weather information, picking that up
you adding video capability or you add in audio
and suddenly you got a product roadmap, you've got a story around the product
you've also got a clear product identity build around the original concept
you can also share that concept, share the ip and files with people working on similar things
So, this is the kind of process that we need to be thinking about in the future creating the idea, prototype it
start with the simple stuff, get the feedback from the market
from that build the story, build the roadmap, socialize it by getting it connected and sensification
this all may sound a little fanciful right now, but the speed the technology is moving it
it's gonna happen very fast, I said also, it's about collaboration
no longer an individual can have a great idea, it needs a team
it needs people who got capability in all different areas
perhaps before it wasn't quite necessarily
then it's prototype, the great thing about the web is that if you have a lousy idea
you don't have to spend million dollars finding out that nobody wants to buy it
you can put in design and people will tell you
that's how prototyping can help
and then the next stage is actually manufaturing, as I mentioned earlier, Taiwan has that space
it's got thousands of great manufacturers who can turn a product into
who can turn an idea into mass produced product
and finally it's about morphing, taking it beyond the original idea, into all different areas
so, just to finish, we are back to the moon, while I've been printing, and you can see how it works
and we also have a demo over there when it's finished
but this is just a start, think the potential of this technology is enormous and it really gives an opporunity to shoot for the moon in the future. Thank you.
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【TEDx】智慧3D,列印未來:Richard Brown at TEDxTaipei 2012

11469 Folder Collection
林俊源 published on February 17, 2014    Shannon Yeh translated
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