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I was broke and broken.
I was that kid that was always struggling with self esteem.
Am I good enough?
Am I smart enough?
No one looks like me Makes it anywhere.
Chocolate mocha skin, full lips, round hips and kinky hair.
You just don't see me on TV.
You don't see me glorified.
You don't see me representing beauty.
You don't see me.
So the world didn't give me permission to be here.
I didn't ask for it either.
So someone you're still asking for permission.
And sometimes you have to stop asking for permission.
And it's just time to give the world notice.
So I just showed up to invite you to give the world noticed that you're coming Give the world noticed that you've been here Give the world notice that you played polite long enough.
Now it's time to play full out Give the world noticed that unapologetic just showed up Give the world noticed that non negotiable just showed up Give the world noticed But if they came home to your life that you're tired you're no longer on a dim your life.
You're thinking How do you like put on some shades just saying I'm just saying because when you become that when you become that audacious when you become that unapologetic, all of a sudden you become infectious all of a sudden just the mere glimmer of you when I can catch a glimpse of you what I can get in your hemisphere in your atmosphere, in your zip code.
Something happens to me because I'm in proximity.
And then you become absolutely aware of truth assignment on your life that you were here to save us.
You were here to inspire us by the way you walk with assistance.
By the way, you rise above your own uncertainty.
By the way, you push past your religious conversation, your cultural conversation, your economic conversation, your gender conversation.
By the way, you show up and say, How can I serve humanity?
By the way you recognize that you're human.
Spirit is unbreakable.
Your human spirit is unshakable.
You're human.
Spirit is unstoppable.
You're human.
Spirit is unavailable to the relationship.
That's not going right to the finances.
Don't look right.
You're human.
Spirit is unavailable.
Your human spirit is simply asking for you to give it a command.
Who will be next?
What what we do and what mountain will be required to bow down.
And when you get that and you operate with that knowing, all of a sudden you become contagious and people just want to be in your space and share your oxygen because you make them believe.
So what is your quest?
It might just be to go home, and the 1000% present with your your quest might be toe love.
An unlovable Sibley.
Your quest might be forgiven X so you can truly be present with your necks saying, I'm just saying I was broke and broken and all I was committed to do was not spend the next 25 years and that.
So I didn't decide my quest out of a pursuit of serving the world in a big way.
I stepped into my quest, becoming committed that I won't have it that way.
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Don't Wait for Permission From Others to Be Yourself | Lisa Nichols

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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