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Congress spent the day debating the rules that were established by Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Now a lot of Democrats are saying the new rules are unfair, that they're designed to give the president a clear advantage.
I don't know much about this process, so I've asked an expert to join me.
Please welcome via satellite.
Senior Republican aide to Senator McConnell.
Jim Fence.
Let's get thank you.
Uh, thank you for joining us, Jim.
I'm sure it's been a busy day.
It certainly has, Conan, but I'm never too busy.
For just as hey now people are really upset with some of your rules, like one that had key evidence being presented late in the evening when most people in America would be asleep.
It's even earned Senator McConnell the nickname Midnight, Mitch.
Well, believe me, I've heard all the nicknames.
Midnight, Mitch Moscow, Mitch Mud Pants.
That was from one very specific and you know God that we can imagine.
Yeah, there's Mitch McShay, endless human caterpillar.
The spectacle.
I hadn't heard some of these women.
These new senator Muktar Day, 100% that bitch, mid way.
Let's just talk about the new rules.
Democrats think some of them are very unfair.
Oh, I think our rules are extremely fair.
Like this rule.
Democrats get a full 24 hours to present their case, right.
Well, that's not bad, during which time Republicans will get an air horn like this one that they can blow whenever they hear something they don't like.
Case dismissed.
Congratulations, Mr President.
Right now, you know you don't have the authority to just dismiss another rule.
Each day, the Republican senators will choose one secret word, and every time a Democrat says that word, we get to add two more years to Donald Trump's terms today, Secret word was president.
That's not fair.
Someone is definitely going to say, President said, You heard him.
That's two more years, Ian, 2022.
You're still ignoring the biggest issue witnesses.
Will we get to hear witness testimony during the trial?
Of course, After a very simple majority vote, each witness for the Democrats is free to present their testimony.
That's great news.
Providing they can free climb are terrifying 60 foot tower of destiny without being knocked off by one of our well muscled in ruthless Republican renegade warriors.
like switchblades Min Jarrah and Road Rash.
My money's on road rash.
He's running for Senator that?
Yeah, I think I've heard enough.
Thank you, Jim.
And I appreciate it.
I got to go.
Anyway, Conan, Chuck Schumer is about to take the stand.
And the new rules say that whenever Schumer speaks, he, uh he has to wear this hat.
Very nice.
Better load up my air horn.
Cornell, everybody.
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Mitch McConnell's Aide Defends The Impeachment Rules - CONAN on TBS

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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