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  • There's something that happens when we allow ourselves to sit inside freedom.

  • Sit inside transparency.

  • Sit inside What I like to call care front ation.

  • Mmm.

  • That means I might push up against you a little bit.

  • I might make you Mowgli some moderately till significantly uncomfortable in any form of mediocrity.

  • But it's out of the spirit of love.

  • You want to inspire people with your voice from your child to your sibling to your significant other to your community.

  • So the world to this room Be willing to love me enough to tell me your truth.

  • They love me enough to tell me my truth.

  • Then love me enough to just tell me the truth.

  • Be willing to touch the edge of your own comfort zone You show me yours and I'll show you mine You show me your heart and I'll show you my love You let me know that you're willing to be in perfect and steel have a perfectly giving, serving, loving life than you Give me permission to let my imperfection out into the world.

  • See, You want to speak at another level, You gotta be room the love at another level.

  • Forgive at another level.

  • Show up at another level, Speak up at another level.

  • Pray at another level.

  • You have to be willing on every level two up level, who you be on a daily basis and recognizing that when you open up and use your voice, everything that comes out after you speak really doesn't belong to you.

  • See, it's very difficult to speak phenomenally and not be good coming off.

  • Not be great, but to be what on freakin forgettable is difficult to be unforgettable.

  • While you're still trying to look, you can't do two things at chasing rabbits.

  • See, Unforgettable has everything to do with serving at a level so high, so big, so massive, that people feel like they have to change their lives because they crossed your path.

  • See when you're willing, so use your voice.

  • First.

  • You have to recognize that you have.

  • You got to recognize that that no matter your past, you were given a voice and your voice was given not to keep to yourself.

  • Your voice is not a secret, and you have to be willing to use every experience that's ever happened in your life, not as the fortress holding you from using your voice, but as the fuels or why you will.

  • Usually you gotta be willing to not stand in your story, but stand on your own.

  • It's not in spite of your past that you get to be amazing, that you get to be a change agent.

  • That you get to transform lives is because of your past, that you're perfect for such a job when you own it like that.

  • See, there's no question in my certainty about my life can you walk with that level of certainty so that when the wind comes and then when the wind blows and it will come and it will blow and it will be a storm and it will be a tornado and it will look like divorce and a woman like bankruptcy and it will look like a illness and it will look like a lost.

  • When it comes, it will rock you.

  • It will rock you.

  • It will rock you, but it won't move.

There's something that happens when we allow ourselves to sit inside freedom.

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