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Hey, what's going on?
Guys just basically want to make this video to say Merry Christmas to everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not or any other different holidays or just don't celebrate anything at all any way around the world, it's Christmas Day.
So just want to wish you guys all a good Christmas.
Hopefully you get some cool stuff.
I don't really know what I'm gonna get.
I don't really get any gum pleh from anyone in my family or my wife.
I get it kind of throughout the year.
So but those of you who are hoping to get some gum PLO this year, or maybe have already purchased some for yourself.
I hope you guys enjoy it and just have a good, safe holiday season no matter where you are and just want to say thank you to all you guys for continue supports.
You know everyone who's watching supporting my challenge.
Anyway, I just really appreciate all you guys, so thank you all so much on.
I just want to also Then just take some time to share with you some updates on just some things.
So as you guys know, last week, I mentioned a video about my camera dying.
The good news is that my camera is fixed, and the better news is that it was free because is a manufacturer's defect with that particular model of camera a cannon?
70 a.
70 d Sorry.
And, uh, that particular model has a certain error, that it gets racing where the motherboard dies and Cannon fixes it for free.
So that's good, cause it's way out of warranty.
So my camera is fixed and it's on its way back to me at the one.
I'm using my wife's camera still, which is working for the moment, but it'll be nice to have my camera back a little bit nicer features on it.
So that'll be back on Thursday that after Christmas that should arrive.
Here's that'll be all good.
But if you guys see have seen on my Facebook page, my compressor hasn't how died as well.
So the master, where Barbara toasted him in the middle of painting and also the masquerade Gerardo go that I'm in the middle of painting are both gonna be on hold for the time being.
I think I'm at the stage on both of the bills where I can start doing some of like, the little hand painting and stuff before getting around to doing further status.
But I definitely I need the compressor to really make much more progress on those.
I'm working on getting a new compressor.
Hopefully, that can also be sorted out soon, so get back to work on those.
In the meantime, of course, I do have plenty of other things to do.
I have some kids here behind me that need to be reviewed.
I have some of what the kids over there they need to be built and reviewed.
So got lots of stuff to do.
What I may do is just take, like, a week or two, Uh, while the compressor is getting sorted out to just work on just getting caught up a little bit, trying to as much as I can on some of the kids that need to be built interviewed So we'll do probably over the next maybe two weeks or so.
Probably a lot of live streaming building these kids on, so make sure you subscribe or just follow, especially my Facebook page.
If you want to stay tuned for updates when I'm gonna be live streaming and all that.
What other things, of course that I could do without a compressor is just work on his hand painting.
So there's a couple of machine career kids that I've got kind of lined up as well.
And other kids, actually a couple other small projects that have been need meaning to paint eso.
I might just all still do a couple of small hand painting project as well.
So that's something that I'll probably try to fit in the next couple weeks.
Well, the airbrush is out of order for the time being.
One other small announcement is that I know at the end of the cheeky 100 K contests, I said that there won't be another contest for a couple months, but I will be starting.
Other small contest are on the middle of January.
So in about two or three weeks time, always starting another new contest will be something kind of small.
Eso something simple, hopefully that a lot of guys would be able to enter, and it should be pretty cool.
That pretty fun.
So that'll be something else that I'll be kind of working up to.
Andi, I'll have that announcement, probably for you guys around the middle of January.
So stay tuned for that.
And I think I'm also going to use the time to also rearrange some of my desk space here because recently I got a big box of stuff from Hubby Zone.
If you guys are unfamiliar with hobby zone, they make like the desk organized their boxes, things that you can kind of customized and a ll that.
So I got some of those from Hubby Zone.
I've been meaning to install here.
So it's a good a good chance for me to take a break and just work on revamping my desk space here, reorganizing stuff, getting the hubby's own stuff in installed.
I'll maker, of course, a review video on that stuff for you guys seem able to get an idea of how that stuff works as well thing.
And I feel like there was something else that I wanted to mention to you guys.
But at the moment, I don't recall so okay, Suddenly, while I was getting ready to go to the video, I remembered what I wanted to tell you guys.
The other thing was that I am preparing my best kits of 2019 video.
I'm going to do that.
I think once again, like I think I did it last year where I did like the five.
Or was it 10 anyway?
I'll be like the best gets the worst kits and then I'll do the best p Bandai kids because there's a lot of really great people and that kid's but because they're people and I feel like they shouldn't be in with the the best kids in general Soul do this separately, sold in five or 10 best worst and then the best of Havana as well.
So that video.
But also I am also going to do a separate video about the best kits of the decade.
So from the past 10 years, what are some of the baskets and this category?
I'm not gonna do the worst.
We'll just focus on the best.
What are some of like the must own kids will do, like say, for example, if it ends up being 15 I haven't decided for sure, but 15 like must own kids from the past decade.
That would be a several video, so I'm working on those I'll probably try to have those two videos both out by are on the end of the year or right around the beginning of January.
So in about a week's time, sometime within that time period, all of those videos for you guys on DDE.
In the meantime, I do want to hear some feedback from you guys.
So if you want to leave a comment on the low what you think are the best kids this year or worse kits of this year or best kids from the past decade, let me know what you think down below.
I'll take yours thoughts, of course, into consideration.
Just remember to try that I'll be doing my best, and you guys should also do your best to give your opinions in an objective manner, maybe designs that you weren't personally offended.
But you can recognize them as some of the best kids of the year of the decade or whatever.
So, objectively, what do you think are some of the best and or worse kits?
Let me know.
Down the common section below.
That'll be helpful for me putting together my video something so much before that that's pretty much it for this video guys just want to let you know what was going on with some of that stuff.
And again Just want to say merry Christmas to everyone.
So hope you guys all have a great day.
Hope you get some cool stuff and I'll see you tomorrow with another video, so stay tuned by guys.
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Merry Christmas 2019!

2 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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