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Hey there at first sight.
These riddles might look simple, but when you get down to work, they may turn out way harder and trickier than you've anticipated.
If you still managed to solve most of them easily, you're likely to have a very high I.
Score number one Who's Lying.
Ava went on holiday to the seaside and got acquainted with three guys.
Each of them wanted to impress the girl once, when they all met in a restaurant to have dinner.
The guy started telling Eva their stories, Ben said.
I took part in an expedition to the North Pole.
It was so exciting.
I saw penguins and polar bears, William boasted.
I worked as a pilot, and I've already been all over the world.
John couldn't keep silent.
I'm an astronaut.
When I was in space last time, I went outside to look at our planet from above and was almost blown away by a strong wind.
Who is lying to make a better impression.
Ben and John are lying.
Penguins live near the South Pole, not the North, and there's no wind in outer space.
It's a vacuum to a tricky word.
It's a five letter word that means something you can eat.
Take away the first letter and it'll be something you get from the sun removed.
The second letter and it will be an important activity.
You do every day without the third letter, you'll get a symbol you use while spelling your email address.
Take away the fourth letter and it's something you can eat.
What is theory?
Jinnah ll word.
It's weak.
Three eggs for breakfast.
Oliver was on his way to another city.
It was late in the evening, and at some point the man felt tired and sleeping.
He immediately stopped at the nearest hotel and went inside.
While the receptionist was looking for an available room.
Olive saw a breakfast flyer with mouthwatering eggs on it.
Excuse me, Could I probably have four fried eggs right now.
The receptionist wasn't sure about that.
Our cook bought eight eggs in the morning.
He broke three and fried three.
Were there enough eggs left for Oliver Cook broke three eggs and cooked up.
It leaves us with five extra eggs, which should be more than enough for Oliver for a mysterious thing.
Some people hate it and some love it it changes people's thoughts and appearances.
If a person takes care of themselves, it goes up higher.
Some people managed to hide it.
Others try but fail.
Whatever people D'oh, it never goes down.
What is it?
It's a JJ five.
A denial.
Four doctors said that Simon was there, brother, but Simon claimed he didn't have any brothers who was lying.
Everyone was telling the truth.
All the doctors were Simon sisters.
Lost in the forest.
You're on a camping trip with your friends.
While they're putting up a tent in the middle of the forest, you decide to wander around and pick up some firewood.
You get so engrossed in this task that you noticed that you've gotten lost only an hour later.
There's no sign of your friends, and it's getting dark.
Suddenly you see a tiny house.
You knock on the door and see a magician.
After listening to your story, the magician offers his help.
I can give you one superpower, but you need to choose carefully.
What do you need more night vision, super hearing or the ability to run lightning fast?
Being able to run very fast won't help you because you don't know where to run.
Night vision will be useless because trees will prevent you from seeing your friends pick super hearing.
It'll help you here, your friends calling you.
They must be looking for you.
Funny mathematics.
If 11 plus two is one, then how much is nine plus five?
Two 11 0 clock, plus two hours is +10 clock and +90 clock, plus five hours is two o'clock.
A mark on a tree.
When Matt was six years old, he hammered a nail into his favorite tree in the garden toe.
Marcus, Hi.
Then his family moved away, and he couldn't check how fast he was growing anymore.
10 years later, at the age of 16 Matt decides to come back to find the tree.
If the tree grows two inches a year, how much higher is the nail now?
Nails going to be at the same height.
Trees grow at their tops, not bottoms.
Don't break it.
You're given a drinking glass and told to throw it to the sidewalk.
But you have to do it in such a way that it flies 10 feet and doesn't break.
Do you think it's possible.
You just need to throw the glass further away.
Let's say you throw it 30 feet away.
Then it'll easily fly the 1st 10 feet without breaking 10.
A climbing trip.
One man was an experienced mountain climber.
Once he set off on a new journey and promised his wife to call in a couple of days, he fulfilled his promise, and while they were chatting, he mentioned that on that climbing trip, he met an old friend.
Can I invite him to stay with us for a while?
His wife agreed.
But there's a problem.
Half a year ago, he had an accident, and now he's blind.
The wife wasn't happy about the new information in this case.
Invited for a day or so, it will be difficult tohave a disabled person in our house for a longer time.
After that, the husband hung up.
He never returned home.
The wife was looking for him but couldn't find him.
One month later, the woman accidentally ran into her husband in the street.
That's when she realized what a terrible mistake she had made.
What did she do wrong?
There was no friend.
It was the husband himself who had an accident and lost his eyesight.
When he heard his wife's reaction, he understood she wouldn't accept him and decided not to go back home.
Oh, that's sad.
Which drink?
Elizabeth, Steve and George are all drinking coffee.
Karen, Dave and Bird are drinking soda.
Is Helen drinking soda or coffee?
Helen's drinking coffee.
She has two letter E's in her name, just like all other coffee drinkers.
Who is Richard?
Look at the picture with two women in it and try to figure out which one is Richard the one on the right?
She's a fashion designer.
The woman in red is wearing a purse with her name on it.
And being a designer, she must be rich.
A scary creature.
It has a neck, but no head.
Two arms but no hands.
What is it?
It's a shirt.
Boiling an egg.
You want a cooking eggs for exactly two minutes.
Unfortunately, you only have a three minute hourglass timer or four minute one and a five minute timer.
How can you boil the egg for exactly two minutes?
Wait until the water starts boiling and turn the three minute and five minute timers over.
After the three minute timer runs out, drop the egg into the water.
When the five minute timer runs out, you'll have your two minute, eh?
You don't need the four minute timer at all.
A tough choice.
You're stuck in the forest on a windy, freezing cold day.
It's getting dark, and you realize you can't get out of the forest.
In time.
You have to find a shelter.
You see an old car that's run out of gas and ice cave and a rundown wooden cabin.
Where should you hide to survive the night?
If you choose a wooden cabin, its walls won't protect you from a piercing wind.
If you up for a car, the metal it's made from will prevent the wind from reaching you.
But with no gas, the car won't keep you warm.
The only option you have is to spend the night in the cave.
The ice will at least block the wind and conserve some heat.
An elusive thing.
The faster you run, the harder it is to catch this thing.
What is it?
It's your breath.
A dishonest doctor, Kevin is a doctor from Boston.
Once he asked his boss toe.
Let him attend a medical conference in France.
The boss Let's Kevin Go, but tells him to send a photo report as soon as he gets to Europe.
Several days later, the man receives an email from Kevin that says Hello from France.
That's me right now.
After looking at the photo, the boss realizes Kevin has lied to him.
How does he figured it out in the photo?
There is a clock on the wall that shows exactly the same time as the clock in the boss's office.
If Kevin was in Paris, the clock would show a big time difference.
Hey, if you learn something new today, then give the video alike and share it with a friend.
And here are some other videos I think you'll enjoy.
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17 Fresh Riddles That Will Keep You Busy for Hours

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 23, 2020
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