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It is written in an old Hindu Scripture:
He who sees all beings in his own self
and his own self in all beings,
loses fear.
It is my hope that in the upcoming year, 2020,
you can hold on to this concept
like a pillar to model your life around.
I have to admit that I find myself
walking a pretty fine line right now
between causing you to feel fear towards 2020,
and making you aware of 2020
in a way where you can embrace and integrate your fear
and see it objectively enough that you can welcome 2020
on a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level.
Fear is a central theme that all people of Earth
are going to be grappling with in 2020.
As you already know,
a major evolutionary shift in humanity has been well underway for years.
But shifts and transformations are not an overnight thing.
When you hear the word shift
or transformation,
most people have this warm fuzzy expansive feeling.
But if you know anything about shifts
or about change in general,
you know that something that's usually implied in them is resistance.
In the year 2020
this resistance rises to a head or to a peak.
Now rather than in this already lengthy forecast,
going deep into what to do about your fear,
I'll give you a little tip;
I wrote a book called: The Anatomy of Loneliness
And in fact when I wrote this book
It was geared specifically towards this year 2020.
And one of the chapters in that book is entirely on fear.
So if this is something like a central theme
that you want to be focusing on,
I recommend picking up a company of that book
and reading that chapter specifically.
Many of you have begun to lose your faith in humanity
because it seems like the people around you
and the world around you
as this peak is something that we all amount towards,
have lost their mind.
This is a common sensation
when Humanity is brought to a crossroads.
A threshold has been crossed.
2020 is a turning point.
Now if you ask me how this change is being forced,
it's being forced by all of those shadowy aspects
which used to be in the closet,
being brought to the foreground and into plain view.
Now believe me,
when these things are brought into plain view,
it's going to shock you.
It has been shocking you,
it will continue to.
Basically the old,
what is not working,
has to fall away
to make place for the new.
This is a turning point for Humanity
towards the new.
It is a crossroads between
the way it has been and the way it will be.
Not just on a personal level, but also a global level.
And a crossroads divides us,
it puts us in a state of opposition.
On a personal level there are parts of us
that want to go right
and parts that want to go left.
When it comes to a societal level,
There are certain people who want to fight for the new way
and people who want to continue the old.
To be completely honest with you,
this year will be a year of battle.
A battle of the sexes, a battle of the races, a battle of creed's,
a battle of politics, a battle of self versus other
and a year of protests regarding change.
The frequency pattern in the world in 2020
is similar to the pattern in the year 532
and in 629
and making a huge jump
so you can maybe relate to it better, the year 1834,
and 1898, and 1914, and 1966 and 2001.
To understand the kind of things that this frequency gives rise to,
all you need to do is look back in history
at these specific years and the kind of things that went on.
It is a frequency that causes societal systems shakeups.
That's a bit of an understatement.
It dredges societal issues to the surface.
It's a frequency that creates major world events.
That tend to make history.
People tend to look back on these years
with a sense that they marked an end of an era.
It is a potent wild and volatile frequency
full of both gravity and tension.
You could consider it a crisis of the collective consciousness.
It will be tempting
when you look back in time,
to think that this pattern of this frequency that's present in 2020
causes negative things to happen.
That's not actually the case.
What it causes is massive shifts within humanity.
This pattern causes the reestablishing
of what defines a thing and how that thing operates.
It is a restructuring of our lives,
of our society,
of our world in general.
That's going to spill good news for certain industries.
The year 2020 will be a year of intense progression
for technology, sciences, world trade, travel, air and space advancement.
As well as the move away from fossil fuels
and patriarchy.
During times like this,
opposing systems and beliefs crash.
This creates both national and international crisis
and conflicts that often have lasting traumatic consequences,
as well as lasting positive changes
that redefine human life.
Which is why this pattern to events that get into the history books.
2020 is a catapult for a revolutionary decade.
It's really important to realize that we're actually all together in this.
Now when it comes to the central theme
of 2020,
it is to redefine.
2020 is a year where the intensity of opposition and conflict
is turned up to the boiling point.
So as to put people in a position
to have to make
conscious personal choices.
People and societies must decide and define
who they are, what they believe in,
what they stand for.
And guess what?
This is going to be causing
a major redistribution of power.
People are going to be redefining themselves.
Cultures are going to be redefining themselves.
Societies are going to be redefining themselves.
The world itself is going to redefine itself.
The scene that comes to mind
when trying to capture this essence of 2020,
is the scene in Braveheart.
Basically, he's sitting on his horse
and he's riding back and forth
in front of the army that he's about to lead into battle
and he's trying to convey to them
why it is that they're about to go ahead and fight a fight
they most likely are gonna lose.
It's for the sake of who they are and what they stand for.
The collective consciousness of the universe itself,
which just so you know,
humanity is a fragment of,
has already decided that the time has come
to integrate self and other,
individual and collective.
these seemingly opposed concepts
have been at odds.
But this opposition between them is slated for an end.
This means you will be facing the task of redefining yourself
while integrating what is other.
This is a phase within Humanity
to learn how to have yourself and have others too, at the very same time.
This year you will be redefining yourself
and defining yourself as a process of individuation.
You're going to be answering questions like this:
Who am I?
What do I stand for?
What is my truth?
Do other people define me?
How do I keep myself when I'm in relationship
with another person or within a group?
You will establish a sense of loyalty towards yourself.
This sense of loyalty is going to lead you to a place
where you're no longer making compromises.
And it's this place where fear is going to arise.
The dominant theme around fear,
when it comes to 2020,
I should say one of many,
is this concept of me in the context of relationship.
Let's just be honest,
humans are terrified of each other.
Fear is the pushing away of that which you do not want to include
as a part of yourself.
Fear is at its core, the opposite of love.
So fear causes you to individuate,
but unconsciously and out of pure resistance.
Here's the good in the bad news in this:
this largely unconscious individuation process
is inevitably going to lead people to that point
of the unification between self and other.
Here's how it goes:
When we are individuating,
on an unconscious level,
we're pushing all things away from ourselves.
We're causing the opposition,
to the degree that we understand
and come to the awareness,
that what we personally stand for,
our personal values
and what we personally desire,
is in fact, unity.
This is where ironically,
the new battle becomes the battle to end battles.
It's at this point that relationships
become a conscious choice.
Love itself becomes a conscious choice.
I'm going to be honest with you though,
this awareness
that what a person personally wants
and that choice point they come to
where what they're choosing is relationship
and deliberately choosing unity,
this awareness is going to come
much more harshly to some, than to others.
The truth that has already been accepted
at an objective level within the universe
and that humanity must catch up to,
is that we can't keep opposing each other.
We must end the zero-sum game.
Now for those of you who are curious about what the zero-sum game is,
I did a video on it;
It's going to be included in the links on the descriptions on this video.
Basically within the greater universe the decision has been to heal division.
Sadly to come to a choice point
where all fragments within the universe
desire integration again,
instead of division,
division is gonna have to get worse.
This means the suicide crisis will rise.
The opioid crisis will rise.
This means that loneliness is going to get a whole lot worse
because people haven't recognized loneliness itself
as the great problem of humanity.
In other words,
loneliness is the crisis of the human race.
Those of you who have heard me speak before,
know that I talk a lot about the fact that some people
need a whack a tree at 70 miles an hour moment
in order to awaken.
The awareness and decision
to integrate within the universe,
is like a massive tsunami.
That tsunami is headed towards
all fragments within source consciousness.
Basically source is pointing this tsunami
towards all parts of itself.
You must get on board with and ride the tsunami.
If in response to your fear
you try to oppose that tsunami of change
by getting controlling, rigid,
sticking to what you know,
being set in your ways
and holding to what was and is familiar,
you will get hit by it.
In the case you don't already know,
a tsunami is traveling at the speed of a jet aircraft.
You will not outrun it
and you will not be able to fight against it.
The question to ask yourself is:
What role do I want to play in this new structure?
Redefining yourself can feel like the owning of a new form.
Now doing this is kind of like a personal rebirth.
As such, there will be labor pains in the transition.
Society will be confronted with all the things that need to change about society.
You will be confronted with all the things
you need to change about yourself.
This opposition can lead us to a sense of thwarted motivation.
It can lead us towards a feeling of being fed up, quite frankly,
and when people become fed up,
they like to throw in the towel.
For this reason, it's really important to understand
that a lot of people
are going to be jumping on board with spirituality this year.
Will all of them be doing it in the "right way"?
Here's what I mean by that:
when we feel fed up and we want to throw in the towel,
often we use spiritual practice
as a way of escaping from our physical reality
or escaping from whatever we are fed up with.
You couldn't do anything worse in 2020,
than to use spirituality and those practices of a spirituality
shadow work, it doesn't matter what you're subscribing to,
as a method of escapism.
Those spiritual practices which you subscribe to,
they have to be used in a completely different way.
Where you're using them
to gain objective perspective and clarity.
Where you're using them to really develop resources
so as to take that clarity and those resources
directly into and commit to
your physical temporal experience.
In 2020 in order to redefine yourself,
you must decondition yourself
from patterns that no longer serve you or the world you live in.
You redefine yourself, so as to give your life new meaning.
You reevaluate your values and priorities
and from there, take action to build your life around those core values.
This means you must heal from your past
and no longer beneficial ways that your past made you adapt.
You must redefine reality.
Everything that causes you to feel oriented and stable
in the truth of reality,
may very well be thrown out the window.
Therefore the way to approach 2020
is with curiosity and flexibility.
You must be willing to let go of what you think you know.
You must be willing to let go of the old
and consider completely new perspectives and ways of doing things.
This is a great year to practice the art of going back to the drawing board.
It is a year for redefining what you need to cultivate in your life
and what you need to let go of.
This is a year to realign with your deepest desires, needs and values.
By reassessing and realigning
with your deepest desires and values and ideas,
what is going to be happening here
is that you're going to be developing
a sense of inner authority.
That inner authority is really important
because it means you're going to be entering into relationships
while keeping your own personal truth.
But here's the thing about truth, isn't it?
The fact that you're developing truth,
means that one of the central themes of 2020
is going to be true that versus lies.
Becoming aware of what is true,
may just cause us to throw everything we thought was true
out the window.
Inevitably it causes us to adjust.
this is all going to force flexibility.
What's going to really benefit you this year,
as you saw in all of the above reasons that I've given you,
with flexibility with changing your attitudes,
with taking on new perspectives,
with shifting everything you thought you were,
redefining yourself,
air is the element to master in 2020.
As you redefine yourself,
what is going to become...
Strikingly obvious to all of us,
is that as a collective,
humanity is facing a responsibility crisis.
~ Laughter ~
Basically what its gonna seem like
is that nobody's taking responsibility
and absolutely everyone is pointing fingers.
From the personal level,
to the politics level,
it's like across the board of all a society.
So part of redefining ourselves
is to really make it clear
what we are and what we aren't responsible for
and taking personal responsibility
for those things that are our responsibility
is a central theme to redefining ourselves
in a way where we have solid structure in our lives.
As for earth itself,
it is also going to be redefining itself.
I'm gonna let you use your own mind
to imagine what might happen
when the earth itself
begins this process of redefining itself.
But as for the upcoming year,
the frequency of 2020 will lend itself to some earthquakes
and even more than that, to floods.
If you're in an area that is prone to,
or at risk of flooding,
make sure you have insurance for floods
as that is showing up as the most dominant natural disaster
in the upcoming year.
Consider having a plan for these types of things,
part of your personal plan
to commit to taking personal responsibility.
Consistent with a theme of fear,
inflammation is the dominant malady
or physical ailment that is facing all of humanity across the board for 2020.
Anything you can do on top of facing and integrating your fear
in order to decrease inflammation
is going to benefit you in 2020.
It is a year to take anti-inflammatory actions.
For example, support your body with an anti-inflammatory diet,
exercise, get enough sleep, hydrate
and de-stress in whatever ways work best for you.
2020 is also a year of intense Karmic return.
There are some of these cycles
over the course of our history,
where the patterns within the universe
are incredibly intense in terms of karmic return.
2020 is no joke.
Those of you who have sown flowers,
will see the positive return of having planted flowers.
Those of you who have sown weeds,
will see the negative return of having planted those weeds.
In 2020 the reality that what goes around comes around,
is the overall concept within the universe itself
that it is interested in teaching to all aspects of itself,
and Humanity is one of those aspects.
Seeing as how this pattern causes the re-establishing
of what defines a thing and how that thing operates,
in 2020 you need to consciously invest your resources
as if each investment was a vote for the future you want.
Sticking with the concept of karmic return,
consider everything you do as the planting of a seed for the future.
Each seed is a vote for either a weed or a flower.
2020 is a year to look beyond
to a larger vision.
Beyond to the larger vision of what you want in your life.
Beyond to an overall vision in terms of what you want for society itself
and to hold to that vision like a compass
that is pointing you north,
no matter what storm it may encounter on the way.
I want you to ask yourself the following questions:
Am I willing or even ready to redefine myself?
If not, you need to lovingly resolve that resistance.
Ask yourself:
What am I afraid will happen if I redefine myself?
What do I need to let go of on a mental emotional and physical level,
so I can commit my resources on all levels
to what really matters to me.
Having heard all this information,
how are you reacting to it?
Did you only notice all negative?
Could you potentially be trapped
in one of your old patterns
of perceiving yourself to be only powerless?
In case you didn't pick up on it,
2020 is a wide-open door
for opportunity for the new.
Most people get stuck in a box.
Most people live and die inside that box.
Most people they define themselves
or they are defined by others
and they stick to that definition
and do not change it.
2020 is the peak of an entire phase
where the universe itself
is going to break that box for you if you don't choose to do it yourself.
2020 is the crossroads of personal choice
and you are not a victim to a crossroads.
You can choose to go right or you can choose to go left
and you can even choose to not choose at all.
2020 holds the truth,
that you can redefine yourself at any moment.
And that other people's ways of defining you
don't have to add up to your definition of yourself.
In order to ride this wave of tsunami of 2020,
you need to take a proactive role
in getting on that wave
of redefining yourself.
And if all of this
is only terrifying you,
you don't see the flip side of this coin.
And if all that I have shared,
does nothing but terrify you,
it means you're not seeing the flip side of this coin.
You're not seeing the beauty of this energy.
You can see the beauty in that man
who decides that despite years spent in one career,
he's going to switch his time and focus
on what really fills him with passion.
You can see it in that woman who has always been a doormat,
but who decides to walk away.
You can see it in those people
who have always been fiercely independent
and afraid of intimacy,
deciding to really commit to an interdependent relationship.
You can see it in America deciding to abolish slavery.
You can see it in women getting the vote.
You can see it in that medical innovation
that changes our entire approach to illness.
You can see it in the reshaping of politics.
It is never too late to redefine yourself.
You can't be too old to redefine yourself
and if it is never too late to redefine yourself,
then that means it's never too late to redefine the world.
Have a great year.
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