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The capital of Northern Ireland has traditionally
been thought of a secondary holiday location to Dublin.
However Belfast is quickly establishing itself as the place
to visit for a truly authentic Irish experience.
The history of Northern Ireland's capital searches back to the Bronze Ages,
and during the 19th century,
the city began to flourish as a naval port and ship-building center,
famously being the birthplace of the Titanic.
Perhaps the most famous period of Belfast's history,
however, is its most tragic - a period of political conflict spanning three decades.
And the city still has plenty of reminders of the troubles,
in particular the striking and sometimes intimidating murals depicting
various events of the times.
Belfast has plenty of traditional pubs were visitors can enjoy a pint with the locals,
and there are dozens of historic buildings, hotels and old streets,
most of which can be explored on foot.
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Belfast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

59 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 23, 2020
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