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- [Narrator] In person, you get to feel Dan's authenticity.
- [Guest] I don't have other mentors
that have gone as far beyond
my expectations as Dan has so far.
- [Woman] How do you keep 5,000 people around the world
engaged for six hours at a time?
That is no small feat.
- Mister Dan Lok!
(audience applauding)
- You get some of the most powerful precisioning
methods and breakthrough business strategies.
A first time customer, at best,
is a good prospect, write it down.
- The principles that I'm gonna show you today,
that are literally going to be
game changers for your business, if you apply them.
- [Woman] It's so special to have such a good teacher,
so structured, so common sense
and to have the business acumen
at the same time and the heart!
Oh my god!
(dramatic instrumental music)
(upbeat piano music)
- But if you want to study like Ermes,
it's a good example.
Ermes is a great, it's just study,
like that is one of the best companies who does this.
You go in, you wanna buy something,
like in Ermes, just one experience!
You wanna try it, try it!
Just don't say I sent you!
You walk in and say,
"I want the Birkin bag, all right,
"I want a Kelly bag."
$10,000 right?
10, $15,000 bag, handbag.
"I wanna buy one of those."
"Don't have them."
"What do you mean you don't have them?"
"No, don't have them."
"I wanna buy a bag!
"I have the money I can put on my card."
"She just bought one.
"What's the deal, right."
"Oh, she's our VIP customer."
So before you can buy the bag
you got to buy a bunch of other stuff.
They call them accessories.
I call them shit.
(audience laughing)
You got to buy a bunch of stuff.
Scarves or plates.
Don't fucking even, aah man!
Look, look at that, look at that.
(audience laughing)
Right, you got to buy a bunch of shit, right.
And so, it's a dance!
You go in there, if you ask for the bag,
you're an amateur.
You're an amateur.
You got to walk in and cut to the dance,
"Hey, you know, that's cool."
And then you buy a bunch of this shit
and that shit and this everything.
And usually the ratio is about one to like,
you wanna buy a $10,000 bag,
you got to buy $10,000 worth of shit.
That you are never gonna use, okay.
High margin stuff too.
You gotta buy a bunch of shit.
Then you pick all this stuff
and you pick a bunch of stuff that you don't really want.
You sit down and then you very politely,
not politely, indirectly,
"What bags do you have available?"
"Oh, let me check."
And they go to the back and they check.
"Unfortunately you know, don't have any right now.
"But leave your number, I might give you a call tomorrow."
You gotta play this stupid game, I'm telling you.
It's exactly how it works.
'Cause Jenny plays this game.
I'm sitting there, wanna shoot myself.
(audience laughing)
'Cause it's like, I know exactly what
they are doing and it drives me crazy!
It drives me insane, when I know
that's what they're doing, right?
(audience laughing) (audience applauding)
Oh shit!
Oh shit!
Yes (speaks in foreign language)
- What do you mean I'm the expert?
Okay. - (Dan Lok) Yes, yes.
- I save you a lot of time
and save you a lot of money already.
- Thank you, and I appreciate that.
(audience laughing) A lot, yes.
Yeah, but she--
- 'Cause I was at Robell Drive, the Ermes store
and then they have-- - (Dan Lok) You were?
(audience laughing) - Yesterday, yesterday!
- My heart sank!
You were, yes and then?
- And then just saw, you know,
couple of people and asking the sales about,
"Oh, can I get that bag or this bag?"
And then they were like,
"Sorry, waiting list!"
- (Dan Lok) Waiting list.
- "We don't have them."
- (Dan Lok) Yeah
- And then she's asking exactly the question,
"How come she has one?"
"Oh, she's VIP you know, like it's different."
- By the way, the definition of VIP,
they spend a lot of money on a bunch of shit.
(audience laughing)
That's what it means, all right?
Okay, keep going.
- Yeah, basically, but not a bunch of shit.
I love my Ermes accessories, you can't say that, right?
It's like people consume your YouTube content.
(audience laughing)
- Oh!, oh, burn, burn, shit, shit!
No, applause, good job, good job, good job, good job.
I love it, I love it.
There you go!
New episode!
Weak man, smart woman!
Oh, it's awesome, it's awesome.
But surely
Now I lost my train of thought.
But seriously, when you go into Ermes
they delay the sale.
They have the bag in the back!
They just don't bring it to you.
They make you go through their process
and when you actually want to buy,
they take you into a little room.
They call it like "The Dark Room."
And they don't bring you a bunch.
So, let's say you've spent $10,000,
you walk into this room,
it's all closed up,
the outside doesn't see.
They bring you the orange box.
And they might give you one, maybe two maximum.
One or two, and you open it up
and you don't even know what color.
You can't choose what color, you understand this?
- [Audience] Yes!
They just give you whatever the shit that they have.
(audience laughing)
Whatever beautiful bag that they have!
It's like, and Jennie and I'm in the room with Jennie.
I said, "Jennie, but you want a black one."
They only have like a yellow one or a orange one,
I'm like, "You want a black one."
"Yeah, but it's like so hard to get.
"Maybe I'll get this one first."
(audience laughing)
"What do you mean you'll get this one first?
"You're only getting one!"
And then, "Oh no, yeah,
"but later on maybe I'll this and ..."
That's what happens, then she ends up buying a bag,
not exactly the color that she wants.
Who does this?
No one does this!
It's brilliant!
But it's great to watch, like if you just see
the way that they sell, the way they do it.
It's brilliant in terms of positioning, invitation.
And also, here's another kicker.
You only get one, one quota, right?
One bag per year.
Every six months.
One bag every six months,
that's even too much, but anyway.
It's one bag, but think about if you go and say,
"I'm a celebrity, I'm Victoria Beckham.
"I wanna buy two, right now."
"No, I don't care who you are.
"I don't care if you're Brad Pitt."
One bag, every six months, per account.
Like world wide.
Every country, so US.
So, Jennie's if she want two quotas in US
and two quotas in Canada.
(audience laughing)
And then she uses my name to set up another account.
(audience laughing) Right.
But really, like can you imagine,
you wanna spend $10,000 on this bag!
(audience laughing)
And they say, "No, you can only buy one every six months."
It's incredible!
That's why all these years the value stays up.
That's why celebrities fight over it,
because it's the only thing.
You can walk into any, Louis Vuitton, Chanel.
You can walk in there, you can buy anything on the shelf.
Ermes is the only one you can not.
Doesn't matter.
"My husband is Dan Lok."
"I don't give a shit.
"You wait six months, it's the same.
"I don't care who you are.
"I don't care what!
"You have got to wait!"
It's incredible to see what they do.
So same thing applies to you as an influencer.
Make them wait a later sale cycle,
create the demand,
have an organized intake process.
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Jennie Lok ROASTS Dan Lok On Stage

53 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 22, 2020
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