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YouTuber Tom Made and Jim Clark pull off the most epic prank
by turning an empty office into a hospital room,
convincing their Mark he’s been in a coma for ten years.
It’s go time, he’s out, Ray just called me and his is out… Right now he’s passed out in his truck.
You need me to come get him, what do you wanna do?
No no no, we can get him – we can get him just meet me at your office,
and call the guys, it’s go time.
Mr. (beep) can you hear me?
Yeah. Can you hear me? You’re in the hospital, you’re gonna be fine
You’re gonna be just fine. I’ll bring the doctor in, he’ll be right back. Ok?
Alright. Be right back
Uh, Mr. (Beep). Wow! Look at you! Buddy, great to see you. You have no idea.
Listen, I’m Dr. James. Just get you up here a little bit more comfortable.
I know you’re confused, a little disoriented.
I take it you probably got a lot of questions, not really know what’s going on, do you? It’s alright.
The family has been contacted and they are on the way.
Great, thank you.
Uh, some time ago you decided you was drinking, drinking,
and you decided to drive and there was an accident.
You have been here with us for some time; this accident took place back in 2013.
Mr. (Beep) 2023, you have been in a coma for the past 10 years.
My daughter alright?
Well, she’s, she’s she’s been contacted, they’re on their way.
I don’t have all the answers for you right now, I gotta call (inaudible) come in.
As soon as he gets here, he’s on his way.
See my daughter?
I understand she’s coming, she’s on her way.
Uh, like I said I don’t have all the answers, you’re gonna be taken care of, you’re gonna be alright.
Let me, let me check on my colleague, make sure he’s in here,
he’s gonna help you better make a transition from where you’ve been to where you need to be,
it’s alright, just try to relax, uh watch a little television if you can.
Just try to relax it’s alright. Can’t believe it, you look great, look great!
Hello, this is Aimee Nuzzo with a news update,
former songstress and actress Miley Cyrus is facing eviction from a bullet Kentucky Trailer Park
for refusing to stop defecating on neighbors yards.
This isn’t the first incident that Cyrus has had withe the Mobile Home-Owner Association,
you may recall back in 2015, Cyrus was busted for cooking meth in her Double-Wide.
President Hillary Clinton has vowed to attack Canada
if the nation does not stop granting citizenship to Americans who flee the U.S.
due to the manditory Clinton Hair-Care Program.
And finally, Justin Bieber and his lifetime partner Dale Earnheart Jr.
celebrating their 10 year anniversary in Charlotte North Carolina
along with their dogs Pitrode, and Drumloop.
I am Aimee Nuzzo and this has been a news update.
Hello. Oh my gosh, my son was 2 years-old when you came in here and he’s 12 now.
That’s uh, so do you know, do you know where you’re at – do you know what year it is?
What do you remember? What do you recall? Your last memory? Before the nine?
Went out drinking, that’s all I remember.
Yeah, you were uh that’s a shame so close your eyes for a minute,
I wanna test something with your feet here. Close your eyes, do you feel this? You feel that?
A little bit.
You feel that?
Yeah. You feel that? Alright.
5 DUI’S! 5 DUI’S!
I know. I’ma kill you motherfucker
You did it. 5 FUCKIN DUI’S! 5 FUCKIN DUI’S!!
It’s not funny! It’s not funny, you could lost your daughter.
Ten years wasted away here. Ten years!
Dude, you gotta fuckin’ stop that – look your fuckin’ laughing!
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Epic Don't Drink and Drive Prank

14433 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on February 9, 2014
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