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  • You know what?

  • Never had common sense.

  • But I had enough sense to call my ass down to make my dollar straight.

  • You know what?

  • Never had common sense.

  • But I had enough sense to calm myself down and make my dollar straight.

  • I'm like basketball net making dog connect strong.

  • So the leg come back when the bus Nick ejecta.

  • If you don't come from the set, I don't respect you.

  • Better get a jump on the jet, Get checks up.

  • Never give nothing less than the best you could tell by the weight of the dress.

  • Great bottom.

  • Emma dreads.

  • Always fresh.

  • Smoked so much A sweating, the blessed no so much a slime, a genius And I'm que yo *** swing calling the diva too much time online with your property She a big old freak up Pull it out You got time to kill because I'm so will my knickers I could have checked this year, but I'm a chill I gotta tell that they take in time It will when they come to be a certified of siding Sale's signed deals inside 16 I've been getting creamed young take a smoke weed like a stick of team made my Sean's brother.

  • Why should kick it with the whole team.

  • Smoked Hella Never tried that.

  • You never know.

  • Young complete blow.

  • Someone cried a boat off the six joint center had a boat.

  • I don't write it down in a vegetable profession Note from there.

  • So big vegetables with smoking?

  • No, a record.

  • No.

  • Never peddle slow week to sketch and go.

  • And when I'm finished with this shit is gonna be set in stone A real thing Before I'm done, I have to get a throne better known as the *** Killing every fucking burst and put represent a hearse.

  • And when you do it like me, Nika, seek your blessings as a curse.

  • You said I could be doing worse.

  • Fuck.

You know what?

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