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Hello, everyone, and welcome to another video.
Now, In the last video, we took a look at a system that hadn't been turned on in nearly a decade.
It was absolutely clogged with dust, but fortunately, we cleaned it up and got it working again.
However, my particular employment of the D R were technique in that last video regarding the CPU fan attracted a few negative comments on dhe.
I was inclined to agree with what I was reading unnecessarily chucked away a perfectly good stock intel heat sink.
And it was only when I've revisited the system yesterday afternoon that I realized my CPU temperatures were really quite high, with a later released modern day stock Intel heat sink, which really isn't the same in terms of quality as its predecessor.
Luckily, the beans around here don't get collected until tomorrow morning.
So I thought, Why not fish it out?
Give it to clean up that it deserves and see if it can reduce some of those high temperatures that I have been experiencing.
You see, I used the wrong technique instead of Di are I should have employed with Sedki technique store it.
Don't chuck it because you never know when you're going to need something that you've thrown away.
It's happened all too often to may I throw something away on a couple of days later, I massively regret it.
So it's time to give the old cop ical heat sink fan combo the cleanup it deserves and see if it can reduce some of the high temperatures that I've been experiencing with the system so originally through the stock call away.
Because it was jammed up with dust on when a bit blew off of it and landed in my mouth.
I wanted it to be as far away from me as possible since replacing it with a more modern heat sink, though I noticed how hot the process was getting in games.
Let's take a look at a few titles with the temperature recordings on screen.
Don't pay much attention to the frame rates, as I recorded with M.
S I afterburner today, which took a huge chunk out of performance.
The important thing here is just the temperature.
As you can see during my testing of three random titles, the process often exceeded and peeked above 70 degrees Celsius, with the newer replacement stock heat sink.
This isn't as hot as some CPU is out there, but for the East 6600 it is a bit high.
Extra heat can significantly reduce the life span of any process, sir, and it's a good job.
I didn't try over clocking using this fan, the CPU.
Also, I'd ordered 50 degrees.
So what makes this older one so special?
Well, unlike newer examples, the D 61 88 oo one was intended for high performance off the time court.
Two duos on as such featured a copper core that was far better.
Heat dissipation, Intel also on the receiving end of some criticism at the time because of loud stock coolers or so I've read.
So by doubling the Mass and using a less powerful fan on top.
This made short and I only keep CP use call, but your system quiet in its current states.
It meant my PC didn't even boot as you saw in the last video, so it's time to clean this thing up.
To do that, I will be using a can of compressed air and an old paintbrush.
Let's deal with the heat sink before the fan the mess of what looked like solid grime actually shifted quite well, even after just one blast.
Dave didn't like the sound of the canned air much, so I gave him some ham to distract him.
With a few more blasts, I managed to get rid of most of the loose dust and switch to the paintbrush to get some of the more ground in stuff.
The thermal paste on the copper base crumbled away with a light wipe of a tissue, so I can't imagine it had ever been replaced.
It's not perfect, but it's much better than what it waas on with that it was the fans turn again.
I blasted most of the loose stuff out with the air can, but this requires a little more brush cleaning than the heat sink.
Though it didn't take much longer than 15 minutes to disassemble clean and then reassemble it, the fan just clips onto the top.
With that done, it was time to re apply it to the motherboard with the help of some cooler master thermal paste.
When you compare both the older fan and new version, it's clear that they really aren't made like there used to be, and I was pretty stupid to throw the old beast in the bin.
With everything back together, I fired up the same set of games to see how much difference they're actually waas.
Even before doing so, I noticed a drop in idle attempts from 50 to 37 So things were looking promising in half Life two, I played through the same opening level and the temperature peaked almost 15 degrees lower than before.
Not to mention the noise was slightly reduced to the system is generally quite loud anyway, and I haven't yet pinpointed exactly why.
But you may have seen I've already replaced the PS you to try and reduce the noise levels in call of duty world at War Zombie is the CPU also stayed at a more sensible, cooler temperature.
Just like before, I'll have to say, Don't focus on the frame rate as the recording really slow things down.
Finally, in the far cry to benchmark around, the temperatures also stayed below 60 degrees, as opposed to hovering slightly above 70 with a good 10 to 15 Celsius slashed off the heat figures.
I have to say I'm glad I retrieved this thing from the bin.
The cooler idle on low temperatures also meant we could mess around with over clocking something that the E 6600 and ASU's Bold should be more than capable off.
I jumped into the BIOS and played around with different settings before settling for a speed just over three gigahertz, a pretty tame over cut, considering these are capable of more, but one that meant we could see a slight increase in the performance of CPU intensive tasks.
Of course, your best bet for over clocking is to always opt for an after market cooler instead.
And with just two gigs of RAM and a 79 100 GS GPU in our system, there wasn't much difference to be seen in games.
That being said, I hope you've enjoyed today's video.
It was a silly mistake of mine to throw out the old Intel heat sink.
What a beast it really is.
And it really does help in keeping the system cooler, especially under load.
So I know today's video has been something a little bit different, but nonetheless, I hope you've enjoyed it anyway on this subject was playing on my mind over the weekend, especially reading your comments regarding my initial disposal off the heat sink fan as always.
Thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed it, leave a like on it.
Leave a dislike if you didn't subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already and hopefully I'll see you all in the next one.
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Saving The OG Intel Heatsink!

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 21, 2020
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