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  • Ted Fellows program brings together mould breaking Mavericks from all disciplines and geography is to participate in Ted, share their ideas and collaborate on heretofore undreamed of new projects.

  • Now we're excited to introduce the latest 20 scientists, artists, inventors and entrepreneurs making breakthroughs worldwide.

  • Who will come together this October in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • Meet the Ted Global 2014 class.

  • Alistair Harris, a British marine Ecologist working with Madagascar Villagers to preserve marine life while providing a sustainable living.

  • Alison Killing a UK artist.

  • An architect who focuses humorously on the subject of death.

  • Her new exhibit, Death in Venice, will open at the 2015 Venice Biennale and stage a tailor Lindh, an English photojournalist focusing on D population in Eastern Europe.

  • Her haunting photos explore what the future has in store for countries with declining birth rates, immigration and other challenges.

  • Assam Tariq is an award winning Pakistani American documentary filmmaker and the co founder of Honest Chops, the first halal butcher in Manhattan.

  • A new foodie haven is most recent Film.

  • These Birds Walk explores the struggles of street Children in Pakistan.

  • Ilsa Langa is the frontman of the Kenyan group, just a bad, which fuses funk music and hip hop to encourage democracy and to give voice to Kenyon you.

  • Bradley Cantrell is an American computational landscape architect working to visualize complex ecological systems such as the Mississippi Delta and to create technological interfaces, which imagine new forms of settlement infrastructure and habitat.

  • Catherine Young, a South African neuroscientists working with the U.

  • S government to contain biological, chemical and nuclear threats whose original research involves controlling prosthetic limbs directly.

  • B of the nervous system.

  • Katherine Crum, an American University of California at Berkeley law professor and former American Civil Liberties Union attorney who specializes in free speech and privacy.

  • And the impact of new technology on first and Fourth Amendment rights.

  • Constance Hockaday, the Chilean American artists who creates immersive, large scale art projects that float and deal with cultures on the margins.

  • Jeffrey See Whoa, a Kenyan computational biologist is creating predictive models for drug discovery.

  • Black Angelo Diaz, a Filipino energy entrepreneur who founded leader of Light, an NGO which has created a local sustainable survive to manufacture and sell extremely low cost recycled plastic bottle based lighting solutions to hurricane refugees, among others.

  • Joe Lando Lena, a 21 year old New York University student chemist, an inventor of Vantage L.

  • A gel that immediately stops traumatic leading in animals and one day humans.

  • Jose Manuel Moya, Chilean food distribution entrepreneur whose company, Al Graham Oh, works to reduce the costs of basic goods by providing vending machines for staple foods at local Ba Diego's, reducing the need for costly trips to warehouse stores.

  • Laura Bush Knock a Kuwaiti born Palestinian photojournalist whose work focuses on women literacy and education reform in the Arab world.

  • Marcello Giuliano de Silva, a Brazilian biophysicist studying the D N A.

  • Of an invasive species of golden muscle to discover clues on how to stop it from further endangering the Amazon River and all its species.

  • Mohammed Doll I, South African health care entrepreneur and surgeon who created a medical triage mobile app, which automates and improves the accuracy and speed of prioritizing treatment for patients in critical condition.

  • Patricia Medici, a Brazilian wildlife conservationist leading a long term project to protect the threatened Brazilian tapers.

  • A medium sized rhino like herbivorous mammal found in the Amazon and other parts of the world.

  • Sangu delle a guinea and entrepreneur and finance Wiz who invests in young African entrepreneurs from across the continent whose companies formed the building blocks of future economic growth.

  • Tauranga Goonetilleke, a Juilliard trained Sri Lankan opera singer who has sung with the New York City Opera and the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka while providing free master classes, workshops and recitals to prospective singers in Southwest Asia.

  • Mondano, a Brazilian graffiti artist who found it Pimp My Cardosa, a crowd funded, community led movement to raise awareness about the unsung poor garbage collectors across all of South America.

  • You could be a fellow to our next application cycle, opens in August.

  • Email fellows at ted dot com, and we'll email you as soon as the applications are open or find out more information at ted dot com slash fellows.

Ted Fellows program brings together mould breaking Mavericks from all disciplines and geography is to participate in Ted, share their ideas and collaborate on heretofore undreamed of new projects.

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Meet the TEDGlobal 2014 TED Fellows

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