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- Hello, I'm Gav. - I'm Dan.
We're The Slow Mo Guys,
and this week on "The Super Slow Show"
whip out your umbrellas 'cause it's all about water.
H2O or H2-slow.
That's a stretch, but I love it.
We're gonna be messing with fire hoses,
tidal waves, and then we'll head over to the pool
for a fat belly flop.
( sighs ) I'm not looking forward to that.
I'm looking forward to the pool
just not the belly flop part.
- I'm looking forward to the belly flop. - ( sighs )
You know it's gonna be me doing it.
I do know that.
( music playing )
Oh, hello. You've just joined us having a spot of lunch.
The crew don't let us eat with them,
so we, uh, eat ourselves, don't we?
Yeah, but this is nice, we have a nice setup here.
Flowers, nice weather. Yeah.
Let's hear about the idea I had for a video.
- Go on. - Should probably do it after lunch.
- All right. - But, um, I'll just show you actually.
- Stay there. - Okay, fine.
( music playing )
- ( Dan coughing ) - What do you think?
- Uh! - Pretty cool, right?
- I was thirsty as well. - Yeah.
Still haven't finished my olive though.
( laughter )
Man, so we can have some fun with that, right?
Uh, for sure, judging by this.
Uh, I can't believe you interrupted my lunch.
Gav: ( chuckles ) Yeah.
You always look so casual right before your demise.
- ( Dan laughs ) - It's like, "Huh, would you look at that. Hm.
( water splashing )
Dan: Oh, there goes the wine.
Gav: We got you in the undercarriage.
Dan: You really are.
I don't look casual anymore, do I?
Gav: No.
This thing does not mess around, by the way.
It knocked me clean on my butt there.
Completely knocked me over.
- So, should we just see how powerful this is? - Yeah.
( water splashing )
- ( screams ) - ( Gav laughs )
Dan: Look, you're concentrating on your aiming there.
- ( Gav laughs ) - Dan: I'm like come on, I can make it.
That's so much power in the hose.
- Gav: Ah, yeah. - Dan: All the way to the end.
- Nailed it. Nailed it. - ( Gav laughs )
- Gav: Very impressive. - Dan: And now you're just getting me annihilated
for no reason what-so-ever.
Or, it takes a while to turn it off.
Like, there's no need for me to be soaked there.
Well, this thing clearly has enough beans
to send you across the stage on wheels,
but, can you come at me, bro?
- Here we go! - ( water splashing )
( screaming )
( laughs ) Are you all right?
- Yeah. - You fell and I saw your face vanish.
I took a full load in the mouth.
I wouldn't be surprised if something just went
all the through you and shot out the other end.
I think I got a colonic irrigation...
- ( Gav laughs ) - all the way around.
Shall we watch it back?
Dan: I look ridic--
I look like Ernie or something,
Bert and Ernie, ( laughs )
like a Muppet at this point.
Gav: It's like your eyes, nose, and mouth
were scrunched into the middle.
- You've got full middle face again. - ( laughter )
Is that what we're calling it?
Middle face is when everything
wants to be by your nose.
Yeah, I'm full middle face Muppet mode.
You're just straight into the nut sack again!
- ( laughter ) - Gav: I'm trying to hit you centrally.
It does look epic though, doesn't it?
Dan: Yeah, I'm like, I'm gonna get you.
Gav: ( laughs ) It's like going through your shirt
- and up out of your collar. - ( Dan laughs )
- Dan: Oh! - Gav: In the mouth.
Dan: Oh, right in the face.
Gav: In the face.
I just saw your head disappear into whiteness.
You just vanished. I couldn't see you at all.
Whew, that's some lovely fire hose action.
Hopefully you enjoyed that video.
Feel free to subscribe to The Slow Mo Guys,
and we will see you in the very next episode
- of "The Super Slow Show" where we might be dryer. - Yeah
But no guarantees.
Hopefully I'll be dry by then.
It'll be a nicer day.
( faint splashing )
- Come on! - ( laughs )
Well, Dan, it's begun.
How often do we usually upload?
Once every three weeks?
If that, once a month maybe?
Why don't we try 16 a month?
So, 16 times as much work.
- Pretty much. - Seems reasonable.
Make sure you subscribe if you don't want to miss it.
- That is a lot of work. - That's a lot of work.
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Under pressure in 4K

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 21, 2020
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