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when we said we would eradicate smallpox from the world, first disease in history eradicated, everybody was a skeptic.
Skepticism is the inevitable companion of every great idea.
We've always had pandemics.
They're naturally occurring.
How can you end them?
My vision initially was this control room that would monitor all the different pandemic potential outbreaks all over the world.
And it was a W H o top down a vision in Mark's Molinski, who had joined me, began to supervise it.
The challenge is starting.
Any new organization is take that passion and drive than everyone around the table has, and turn it into something concrete with priority was creating organization focused on early detection and early response?
One of the challenges was bringing technology to parts of the world that didn't have technology.
I remember one of the earliest things we did was take some really, really fancy walkie talkies satellite device to Cambodia to see.
Could you use devices like this in basically very very rural areas to report on a regular basis?
Shouldn't outbreak happened and it was very successful, which gave us an idea that why don't we bring a bunch of local developers together in Cambodia with developers from Silicon Valley and see what would happen.
And that's when you know the concept of the AI lab came up.
When your initially funded and your runway is a very short runway, you have a very big task on your plate.
You have to get super creative and super clever.
One of the best things you can do there is have some early wins way were fortunate to have that happen for us in Cambodia.
Once we started to recognize that a team locally lead on the ground would be a path to a least chip away at this enormous task, the floodgates opened.
The fund then was finding who were the people that could do this.
I love was started in 2008 designing the bottom up solution from the grass while happening partners in the region's toe, improving their work.
It's not just about the capacity itself, but also having the local team that's pick in local language, understanding the culture, understanding what's needed so that one solution is deploy.
People take on the seat and in collaborating with it at their we have stopped an epidemic of disease in Cambodia country of 15 million people.
That technology is spreading now to Vietnam, which is 100 million people.
We've also built systems that work in South Africa that have caught and measured and provided data on over 10 million TB tests.
We have worked with countries like Rwanda and Ethiopia and Tanzania to help them bring online systems that allow them to understand where they need to stand up new health facilities.
We've had such tremendous success in other countries.
Now we're gonna bring some of that home.
And the experience with instead has taught me that it's a minimum of 3 to 5 years just to get the organization sort of off the ground and then probably another good three years before it becomes the organization that you wanted to become.
You know, you've heard the expression fail fast fell often.
I don't agree with fail fast.
They'll often I agree with Phil smartly.
Make sure you take that learning my friend.
Jeff's goal says its values, vision, mission, strategy, tactics, objectives, results, monitoring and evaluation.
It's the cataclysm, good management, but I think it's people.
Leadership can work if all you do is find the best people in the world, hire them, make sure they know what they're gonna do and get the hell out of the way.
While my my vision at that time was top down.
What has emerged is bottom up, and it's so much more powerful.
It's just a better way to do it.
And in fact, in truth, it's the only way to do it.
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From idea to reality: The (Brilliant) power of people

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 21, 2020
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