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  • I'm Dan Fitzpatrick at Stock and on Saturday,

  • January 26th.

  • This just a quick video here, I want to look at the XRT that's the

  • S&P Retail ETF ( $ XRT SPDR S&P Retail (ETF) )

  • and here's why.

  • It's been like a total leader, not the leading sector since

  • the beginning of the year,

  • but it's right up there and so I just want to bring this to your attention. In

  • this weekend's Weekend Update for members I'm talking about, basically, all

  • the different sectors and where you want on to be, so we got a lot more detail in

  • there. But for all you freebies, and I love every single one of you,

  • I just want you to know that retail is really a place where you need to be.

  • You're going to look at the weekly chart,

  • wouldn't it have been nice to have bought down there? Only the liars

  • did that,

  • but here you can see, on the weekly chart, we're actually just popping out of a

  • volatility squeeze, so again it's a weekly timeframes so you've got to stretch this puppy

  • out

  • and ask where you're going to be

  • over the next

  • several months, and I think we're going to be higher

  • here, not the ideal buy point

  • right now, this is not a right here, right now thing,

  • although you know what?

  • I wouldn't

  • hesitate to start scaling in, not because, Oh! you've got so much money that

  • you're afraid you're going to move the stock, come on.

  • What you're doing is, you're balancing the two sides of risk, the

  • risk of buying high and then getting crushed,

  • verses the risk of not buying at all

  • and getting left behind.

  • So you want to kind of balance the two,

  • and again, we'll look at the weekly time frame,

  • it's been trending sideways, essentially for most of 2012,

  • now we're breaking out to the upside. This is kind of a breakaway in this time

  • frame.

  • So take some stock here at $67.13, go ahead and snag some

  • with a longer-term time horizon. If you're saying, "Well, I'm going to buy it on Monday,

  • at $67.13

  • and then I'll sell it on Thursday."

  • You can go ahead and sell it on Thursday, just not next Thursday. Give it

  • some time,

  • take some stock now, any kind of pullback or

  • sideways drift that

  • allows these key moving averages

  • to come up a little closer,

  • you know, to the current price, we get this kind of deal, kind of coming around

  • or whatever, you know it's a safer buy point

  • when you can get it near the mean, which is, you know, the 50-day moving average

  • where this stock has been trading. So for the time being though,

  • just know that you've got two sides of risk; the risk of not buying now

  • and missing this,

  • verses the risk of buying now

  • and getting whacked by that.

  • All right members, I've got eleven retail stocks for you

  • in the Stock Watch video that we're going to go over. A couple of them are

  • popping out of squeezes, I've got some valuations for you,

  • and I'm going to tell you basically right where you need to be

  • right here, right now or at least on Monday, not right now. Okay, see you there.

I'm Dan Fitzpatrick at Stock and on Saturday,

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