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  • This is the most precious mind opening, mind blowing experience I've ever had.

  • It's like one week you meet tons of people who are doing amazing things across the globe.

  • Ted is about bringing together not only a variety of disciplines and approaches Thio transforming the world.

  • It's about the diversity of people that get to come.

  • All these amazing ingredients and raw ingredients and raw ideas are just thrown in together, and it's going to be presented or come out in this wonderful, flavorful, nourishing there.

  • It's been emotional.

  • It's been inspiring.

  • It's being curiosity driven on just gonna food for the brain.

  • You kind off see the future and pull it towards the present.

  • You know, with both hands that that that's that's what Ted does.

  • Originally stood for technology, entertainment and design.

  • But since then we've expanded out to science, humanities, the arts, NGOs and business.

  • First and foremost, Ted is a place where people share ideas.

  • They're very giving off knowledge, off passion off, just vision.

  • It's connecting people, I think.

  • Whatever you do, I mean the caliber of people who here are successful because I have a certain focus and concentration and you could be in your own bubble, ploughing the same field.

  • And suddenly that bubble burst and you expand into all these other areas and see parallels, even though you might be from very distant, different disciplines.

  • What's cool about Ted is, as you see an unfolding sequence of these people one after the other, the connections between them start to become apparent.

  • It's incredible just to spot themes, parallel themes, and you can like that matches.

  • What I do with that matches what they do.

  • Maybe we should get together and just even talking about things, spreading the ideas, you know, ideas worth spreading is not a bad.

  • So it's not going to have.

  • We've added a new International fellows program that we call Ted Fellows that brings together extraordinary individuals around the world to participate in the Ted community, both by coming to conferences and being part of an ongoing social network.

  • Throughout the year, the Fellow's program allows a kind of a a seedling process to go on and cultivate and sustains the kind of passion and firing because there was something about Ted.

  • It was getting to be a place where already brilliant people met other already brilliant people too.

  • Yeah, Andi, if you're not already brilliant Well, you know.

  • So there was no process whereby you could be nurtured, meant it and grow.

  • Along with the group, the Ted Fellows program is focusing on attracting candidates from five parts of the world Asia, Pacific, Africa, Caribbean, Latin America and the Middle East.

  • All the people from the rest of the world are welcome to apply.

  • We're also searching for candidates who are 21 to 40 years old, although once again, anyone 18 years and older is also welcome to apply.

  • We're looking for makers and doers, not just talkers or not just people amazing potential way.

  • Want to see someone that's already done something extraordinary and that we see a trajectory for them to increase the effectiveness of whatever endeavor they are studying or pursuing at dead.

  • I believe they're showing us the opportunities, and I could take that learning back and show others what opportunities do exist so that they can move forward.

  • There's the incredible community of people who genuinely want to see these fellows thrive, so whether they're wealthy or incredibly accomplished, or whether they want a mentor or coach, this community is coming together around the Ted fellas and volunteering to help the fellows program Waas, funded by people who didn't need to care about us.

  • They just could have come to Ted enjoy Ted with all the wonderful people they didn't need to care.

  • They, you know, they just took their attention.

  • They looked as they said, These people are worth something.

  • Maybe we should listen to them and they set up this wonderful shoulders wonderful program and we're here, and they're thanking those for being here.

  • One of the most powerful ways in which we can help The Ted Fellows is offering them the platform of ted dot com, in addition to putting up a directory of their profiles and letting them blawg in a continuous narrative on the Ted Fellows block.

  • We also offer them the opportunity to speak at Ted, record what they say, and then put it up on ted dot com, where they will reach an audience much larger than they've ever reached before.

  • I am in love with the talks, and I mean like, I try to watch one a week and I use them in my anthropology course is all the time.

  • I've never seen something that's so palpable to students make them feel connected to the world beyond the classroom so readily.

  • I really want to be as present and engaged as possible, as I can.

  • As just a student of life here.

  • I won't meet mentors and, um, teachers like this all at one fell swoop.

  • In a nutshell.

  • Ted is four days of intellectual stimulation, creativity, conversations and some of the best talks you've ever seen in your life that literally leave your brain ready to explode with all the new creative connections that inspired you to go back to your own work with great new ideas, great new creativity and a renewed sense of optimism and hope about the world.

  • It's like what Einstein said when you think differently in different things, when you need a different way of thinking.

This is the most precious mind opening, mind blowing experience I've ever had.

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