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  • my life is in these guitars

  • they're the biggest part of my life

  • and as long as I've been playing I've always played a Maton

  • In the original MS500 I wore the frets out after flogging it for

  • 10 years

  • and

  • we had an accident with it, it flew off the

  • top of the car and hit the road

  • and it came out of the case and anything

  • but Maton have restored it for me

  • so it's perfect again, totally playable,

  • and it looks like it did

  • when my father gave it to me in 1960

  • when I walk past it, there's my childhood

  • in that guitar, that's the guitar

  • I played every night, you know.

  • Now this,

  • this guitar and the one that came before this

  • big part of my life...

  • just because

  • without these guitars the songs wouldn't have come

  • and without the songs, people wouldn't come to see me play. It's all about the quality of the music

  • and this is my writing guitar, this is what I write on

  • What is the Legacy you'd like to leave?

  • The world is full of great guitar players, but

  • you know, I..

  • I try to stand out from the crowd by what I've got to say musically, and

  • my songs are all honest

  • and uh...

  • they come from a real point of inspiration.. and

  • basically i'm trying to entertain people all over the world

  • and I'm trying to get the younger generation to see that

  • what I do is real

  • it's a alling to me

  • and uh...

  • and I know, I've always known I've had to take my place

  • uh... in the line of players that extends way back to beyond Merle Travis

  • when i first heard Chet Atkins play

  • I knew at that moment that's what I wanted to do.

  • When Chet Atkins gave me the C.G.P.

  • it was a great honor and I was very moved

  • uh... but it is also a great responsibility as I come to realize that

  • i've got to do something with that because on my award it says

  • for lifetime contribution

  • to the art of finger style guitar. Now that was, uh,

  • 11 or 12 years ago, you know

  • i'm trying to

  • leave a legacy of, first of all, good songs that's what I'm trying to write, good songs

  • That's my number one priority

  • and just trying to show the younger generation that

  • you know, you don't need a lot of pyrotechnics to turn people on, you need to have some good songs

  • and I hope that that's what I can give to them you know.

  • Tell us about the AP5 Mic/Pickup system...

  • now another reason why i play these guitars

  • is not just because a guitar is beautiful or great or has a wonderful action

  • that's all part of it of course

  • but it has the best electronics of any guitar in the world

  • Nobody has a pickup system

  • and a Mic system like this guitar

  • and it was Jean Larrivée who, I don't know a guitar builder who doesn't have

  • a great respect for Jean Larrivée,

  • Jean said to me quite frankly

  • "Building a great is a no brainer,

  • but getting the pickup right

  • is nearly impossible."

  • So, within these walls

  • you're doing the impossible.

my life is in these guitars

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