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  • So the last series last time we saw Georgie was on the edge of a cliff.

  • Quite later, basically finger go back.

  • It's a very, very long journey and shed their Elvis lost 30.

  • Go through and get a bit of happiness.

  • Then that got snatched away from me by Elvis getting killed, I think.

  • Georgie, she used what?

  • As an escape for her grief.

  • So she didn't quite deal with it as well.

  • She should have on.

  • Then the here.

  • Captain James started becoming an item.

  • Or think, should we say You know how I feel?

  • Fine.

  • Seems so.

  • I think with this new Siri's Georgie still in the same place.

  • Unfortunately, she hasn't dealt with grief and we're gonna see that that's ongoing throughout the whole of this series.

  • Invitation from PTSD.

  • She she knows it is.

  • It is a problem, and there is the issue, and it's quite parents over that members of the platoon as well.

  • So the last serious we see as a lance corporal where now she's been promoted.

  • Thio a sergeant Georgie's like the mother figure of the group.

  • He's always looking after all.

  • The lad's on keeping everyone in check.

  • I think That's how she survived on.

  • I think without that, she wouldn't have preferred boys say nothing, go to bed.

  • So I think this time around she needs to look after number one.

  • So this serious.

  • There is a few new characters that come in really interesting because we've never had characters like that before.

  • In the show, there's a new one called Rubber.

  • He was like a young sort of rogue character, and he's a wild card.

  • Move kills too pretty.

  • We've got a new medic training medic called Mimi, who Georgie is currently training way.

  • Have a new captain call Sunday Way have a new character called Cross Off, who is like the academic character, how his character developed for the show.

  • Always really, really interesting on obviously a lot to section the back as well, which I'm sure the audience is very happy is a new energy.

So the last series last time we saw Georgie was on the edge of a cliff.

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