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  • so Michael and I were trying to find good places in Tokyo.

  • We want to eat healthy, but we don't wanna spend all the money in the world.

  • Thio, Help me places.

  • It's really difficult sometimes in Japan to find really good places where you don't know way found a really cool place, and I wanted it is you today?

  • Check it out.

  • Tokyo can be a very, very expensive place, especially for visitors.

  • If you're looking for, you know, a decent meal, that's balance.

  • Check out the shovel shop, a place that we found.

  • It's roughly 2400 yen per person.

  • It has chicken, pork, chicken, pork beat.

  • It has lots of veggies, soup and my favorite ice cream.

  • Oh, so right after you sit down, I'll present you with the menu.

  • You have to decide what pipe of course you want.

  • You can upgrade to the different meats.

  • I think the base level is perfectly fine for Mike and I as well as any travelers, service is actually pretty good thing is Nico Dong.

  • It's pork meat in a little bamboo sticks.

  • That's what it said, Man.

  • The service here is really good.

  • They just keep on coming and asking us if we want more meat.

  • It's about 56 minutes from the station, and then the selection kind of just beats all of them.

  • It's kind of a buffet style.

  • So is pick what you want and you cook what you want and what you want, especially if you're traveling with vegan or you're traveling with a vegetarian.

  • This is like a perfect spot for all of you guys to go and check out this soup.

  • You can have different kinds of flavors in the soup.

  • We we decided to go with a tonkotsu broth and spicy kimchi broth.

  • Oh, and we went with Chiaki brought.

  • You can dip the meat in the egg, which is actually a raw egg, but it's okay.

  • The eggs were really fresh air in Japan.

  • Nice and cooked way went to other shovel shovel places in trivia.

  • Not as good.

  • Just this place is one affordable to meet is good.

  • Three.

  • The selection is awesome, for location is central.

  • Can't be that, and five I've been there.

  • Check out the shovel, shovel place.

  • I definitely recommend it.

  • Travel on the go.

  • Someone that lives in Tokyo can beat it That's good.

  • Yes.

  • I just put this in after, remember, I got a new one.

  • It was a good thing.

  • Wrong people you need.

  • You said it was cooked.

so Michael and I were trying to find good places in Tokyo.

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