B1 Intermediate 21 Folder Collection
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You can't only told the wall.
So right now we're in Shibuya.
Check out this line.
It's crazy.
Is that next?
Are you ready?
Unless she gets please.
This is my favorite sushi restaurant in all of Tokyo.
I've been to a lot of high density places and I have to say, this is my favorite Seibu Department Store.
Eighth floor.
Check it out.
That was good sushi.
Look at all the people that waiting time early guys became a five.
After that, it gets even longer mail time waits in the first box.
So here's the problem.
When you stabbed the box, see little hole It's okay.
I think it should still work.
Let's see what's inside.
Olo Clip.
This looks like the telephoto lens two times the zoom.
And this here is right.
10 it is the right one.
I come to these lenses that you attached to it.
This is a polarizing lens to get really cool shots.
Let's check it out.
Wide angle lens living open.
Next difference.
There you go, wide angle lens.
Is that a lot better?
Try that one more time, taking enough and gonna put it back on.
Let's see, There you go, wide angle lens.
Now I think if we flip it the other way around, so there's two sides We'll do.
Is we just use a wide angle lens here, this red one.
But we're gonna use the two times Tele giving Linds, see how that turns out.
Telescoping Lin's coming on now.
And Magic.
How does it look?
My face.
Really big.
Then take it off and back to normal.
Is it burning?
What's getting smaller?
Still big?
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Best Sushi in Tokyo | Shibuya (Filmed on Ollo-Clip)

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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