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  • there.

  • You can't only told the wall.

  • So right now we're in Shibuya.

  • Check out this line.

  • It's crazy.

  • Is that next?

  • Are you ready?

  • Unless she gets please.

  • This is my favorite sushi restaurant in all of Tokyo.

  • I've been to a lot of high density places and I have to say, this is my favorite Seibu Department Store.

  • Eighth floor.

  • Check it out.

  • That was good sushi.

  • Look at all the people that waiting time early guys became a five.

  • After that, it gets even longer mail time waits in the first box.

  • So here's the problem.

  • When you stabbed the box, see little hole It's okay.

  • I think it should still work.

  • Let's see what's inside.

  • Olo Clip.

  • Cool.

  • This looks like the telephoto lens two times the zoom.

  • And this here is right.

  • 10 it is the right one.

  • I come to these lenses that you attached to it.

  • This is a polarizing lens to get really cool shots.

  • Let's check it out.

  • Wide angle lens living open.

  • Next difference.

  • There you go, wide angle lens.

  • Is that a lot better?

  • Try that one more time, taking enough and gonna put it back on.

  • Let's see, There you go, wide angle lens.

  • Now I think if we flip it the other way around, so there's two sides We'll do.

  • Is we just use a wide angle lens here, this red one.

  • But we're gonna use the two times Tele giving Linds, see how that turns out.

  • Telescoping Lin's coming on now.

  • And Magic.

  • How does it look?

  • My face.

  • Really big.

  • Cool.

  • Then take it off and back to normal.

  • Is it burning?

  • What's getting smaller?

  • Still big?


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Best Sushi in Tokyo | Shibuya (Filmed on Ollo-Clip)

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/20
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