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  • defined health, not just simply about your vital signs and your weight.

  • And do you have a disease or not?

  • Health is your spirituality.

  • Health is your connection with community Health.

  • Is your connection with the planet.

  • It's more than just, you know, going to see your doctor regularly.

  • Everything that you feel about your body and everything that your body goes through.

  • And it's gonna be everything that you experience your ability to fulfill your life missions to interact with your friends and family.

  • You can experience perfect house if you have mental health.

  • If you can experience love and joy of life concerning but also hopeful, uncertain expenses and terrifying.

  • What I'd like to see is a thriving, joyful society and looking forward to seeing healthy, accessible to all people, proactive and continuous.

  • I think it's gonna be fantastic.

  • Part of the culture of health is realizing that we're all rising in seeking the same boat.

  • It's very important that we not keep beating people over the head with negative.

  • We judge our bodies that were eating wrong, that we're sleeping wrong, focus on what it is to feel good.

  • We have the opportunity by changing the mindset that culture to moving to Maur continuous data from our bodies.

  • With technologies being much more proactive, I think we're entering an era of precision.

  • Personalized healthcare innovation is not gonna stop.

  • Technology is only gonna increase.

  • So I think that we should be a little more proactive in looking at what could be possible problems.

  • And then don't just talk about, um, address thumb.

  • We can actually create technology that's going to really be fun, be innovative and help us pursue good health.

  • Patients really need to take control of their bodies and their healthcare, having people be part of a community with one another where they can interact with one another and create a better world.

  • We're not gonna be successful unless we get these visionaries to get their information to people on the ground doing work.

defined health, not just simply about your vital signs and your weight.

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TED & Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Insights on Health from TED2016

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/20
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