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today we're gonna build a computer.
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Okay, so I'm actually building a computer for my driving instructor.
Um, you gotta follow my car stuff for a while.
You know that I do a lot of high performance driving events or HPD events.
Uh, and I have a driving coach.
His name is Steven Doherty, winner of the 2012 GT Academy.
And, um yeah.
So he has been giving me professional instruction for the last couple of years Now, to make me a better, safer, faster, competitive driver on track while he he hasn't really been into computers.
I mean, sort of kind of sort of have mostly been like PlayStation and stuff like I talked about Gran Turismo, Um, and, ah, about a year and 1/2 ago or so, um, gave him a laptop, a name aside, laptop.
But he's been playing some stuff on there like our factor and whatnot.
But now he's starting to get into virtual reality, specifically, virtual reality simulators, mostly because he spent time on mine and he got bitten by the bug.
So he hit me up and was like, Hey, can you give me a list of parts?
And I was like, I could do you one better.
I could build you a better computer.
Then you're gonna go out and buy, especially this time of year right now.
And there won't be any import taxes.
So parts wise on this, I'm actually not going too over the top because I want this video toe also sort of serve as a You guys are used to seeing these kinds of bills here, right?
The small form factor thing we got.
Obviously, we've got the Titan sitting over there, the new R TX Titans sitting on the test bench and all of its gold glory as well as the Gold Ram.
And here I'll show you Ridiculous.
Gold Ram, Gold Titan, White build.
It's heavy, you know, because of all the gold you guys are used to seeing these crazy bills like Skunk Works and Thread Ripper and all that.
But you know, that is not indicative of the average PC enthusiast or builder, which is why this is a little bit more modest, but yet still amazing when it comes to get me performance.
So I'm throwing in a 77 100 k on an M s I Z to 70 m seven gaming motherboard.
So it's nice and gunmetal e it says 7700 Ex Ignore the ex fil pointed out that I wrote X and it was OK.
I know my offer better had alphabet soup when I was a kid.
An alphabet.
What's alphabet cereal?
So anyway, 7700 K.
Easy to 70 m s.
I m seven gaming motherboard.
I'm gonna be putting 16 gigabytes of G skill.
DDR four.
That's obviously because of seventh Gen we need DDR four.
I may switch this room out for something That's not, um, red.
I don't know.
I don't know if I'm gonna be doing anything else reading here.
I know it lights up red, but anyway, that's kind of besides the point for storage again.
Nothing crazy.
We've got a one terabyte Kingston SSD.
Now these are amazing values.
In fact, you could find a link to this down description below more than like, they'll put a list of all the parts this time of year.
You can get amazing deals on SS sees.
But the Kingston SST now was always lesser expensive.
We'll give you amazing performance.
We've used a bunch of these in budget builds in smaller sizes like 1 28 to 56.
They last forever.
I'm also running a two terabyte see gate Baracoa because he's not gonna be running a lot of titles.
He's not running a bunch of storage.
You're doing videos and pictures and stuff and the load times on that.
It perfectly fine for games.
Plus with one terabyte Deacon put all his important games on here that he wants, and then the bear Cuda can be his whatever he wants on their power supply room using the cooler Master Master What 7 50 tough gaming edition Repairing that with cooler Masters code?
Is this the master box M B 500 tough addition.
If you can't tell that there's obviously a collaborative effort between a Seuss and cooler master on the tough, serious stuff, been looking for a reason to use this, and I think we finally found it in terms of cooling, though I think I'm gonna use the H 1 50 I pro because it's a 360.
I can put a 360 on the front of this, and I'm always switch out the fans to RGB.
You're producing course there rgb fans on this because I don't want to do it, he case lighting, But I think if we put enough case, um, fans in here that have lights themselves, it will illuminate the build and will look good.
So let's do this.
Let's go ahead and build it.
And then what did you have to build it, install windows some crap like that updates for two days.
Let's get it all ready to ship to him.
Let's make his Christmas Amazing.
Now it's important that I reiterate this.
This build is not about being streamed.
Yes, I'm aware that the parts on here are not budget.
I never said this is gonna be a budget build.
I want to give him an amazing build.
But everything you're going to see here is just direct Bolton stuff that you can buy off Amazon Micro Center, new egg, whatever.
Throw it in your system.
I'm gonna show you how good a system can look and how well it can technically perform without having to do anything crazy or custom needs these rigid to build stuff behind me.
There are fun to do, but there are huge diminishing return in terms of performance to cost.
So it's one of those things where this build right here.
We're not going over the top of the power supply.
Like I mentioned using a 750 watt.
You guys know I like to put 1000 watt everything even like a budget build.
I would throw 1000 watt in there because I just like putting big power supplies in there.
We're not going to crazy on the Ram.
We could have gone with eight gigs and been fine.
I would want to make sure that no matter what he decides to use, he's going to have plenty of performance and, in fact, for graphics on that, I forgot to even mention I'm gonna also be putting in for graphics, though I want to see if the Zo Tak G Force GTX 10 80 AMP Extreme Edition will fit in there because the accent colors for the tough edition are actually yellow.
And this has got a gun, metal and yellow look which would match our motherboards.
Yes, I know, I know how it sounds.
Matching colors.
This in that people that are building regular systems don't usually have the luxury of matching colors.
Unfortunately, in my inventory, I have the ability to do it, and I want to do it, and I want to give him the best experience that you can't do that.
Is it gonna fit in there?
It will look alone.
That isn't the case.
Just okay.
Phil says this looks like Vegas because of all the flashing lights and stuff.
I like the particular blinking lights.
I have it set to you right now.
So you use a little course air controller that's in the back side of the case to change the lighting config.
These lights that I used are not.
They don't plug into RGB header on the motherboard, which means you can't control them with software, which unfortunately means now.
We've got em aside Mystic Light to control the RGB on the motherboard.
And I think we have to download the ZO tax software to control the hiding on the motherboard or the graphics card.
And then we have a different controller to control the lights that are in the case.
So obviously, the next thing to do is install an operating and stuff in our operating system and get everything updated bios, updates, driver updates and all that stuff I just wanna show at best boot.
Everything works.
We're running a 29 C on the CPI right now, at 4.2 gigahertz on the 7700 k, we got 16 gigabytes of Kingston Hyper X or not so high Brexit's to Kingston Predator RAM, which is actually the first set of DDR four that ever reviewed on this channel when it first came out.
The Zapotec GTX 10 80 amp extreme is obviously going to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to V R and have no problems running games like Project Cars or I racing or whatever when it comes to the virtual reality.
And then this system will last him quite a few years when it comes to able to play additional games in the future.
Like I said, he has a gaming laptop.
Now, this is a huge upgrade from that, and I think he's really going to enjoy it.
So we will be doing a complete build guide here in the near future, though a building kind of like the ultimate 9900 k system again.
Not gonna be like rigid tubes or water cooled or anything like that, just again off the off the shelf parts and stuff, but designed for people who are maybe this Christmas getting there first PC parts, and they're uncomfortable putting it together.
We're gonna do a revised and brand new 20 end of 2018 build guide, so stay tuned for that.
If you're curious about building your first computer or you're getting ready, you guys, I'm gonna go.
This was just an opportunity for me to shoot another build video.
If you're into computers and stuff, it's always fun to watch it getting put together.
It's even more fun to watch me fumble through the process.
I'm really on the table video idea where I went to NZX T and I saw their BLD service and I said that they're not builders.
They're robots because they're not messy.
These guys aren't builders.
They're way too organized.
I think they're robots.
That's what I ended up with on the table.
And all I did was build this, and I did it in about three times the amount of time that they build it in and their stuff is even neater.
So the difference between building and every single day for a living and then building it for fun, like I kind of do So anyway, I digress.
Thanks for watching guys.
As always.
I'll see you in the next one.
Thats a speaker.
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Building my friend his FIRST gaming tower!

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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