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[soft electronic music]
- Hey, I'm Grimes, and I'm gonna walk
you through my skincare routine,
and sort of a psychedelic makeup look that I do.
First step, I usually wash my face.
[soft electronic music]
Cool, and then I usually use, like a mist.
After I hydrate, mist, I usually use
this Korean essence.
Really been helping me deal
with my, I don't know, pregnancy skin problems.
I don't know if everyone has this, but when I got
knocked up, my skin just turned super red
and just constantly covered in stuff.
Sort of just like rosacea, so, doing
makeup is just way harder when you're pregnant,
for some reason.
Okay, so next, I usually use a serum.
And I like vitamin C serum, 'cause, I don't know,
supposedly, it protects you from the sun.
I haven't verified any of this
scientifically, so, this is just hearsay,
but, probably true.
Korean eye cream.
And I just use a tiny little bit.
I think it just sort of like, I don't know,
keeps you looking fresh and youthful. [laughing]
And yeah, then if I have a shoot or something,
I use this, or ice.
Sometimes I just take ice and put
it all over my face.
If you're on tour or something it kinda helps,
especially if you're like.
Tour makeup is weird, stage makeup is weird.
I'm not gonna do stage makeup,
'cause it's like, you know,
I usually, actually just take a bunch
of white clown makeup and just go hardcore.
But it can be quite flattering at times.
I mean the thing about tour that really messes
you up is like, I think just traveling a lot.
Like flying a lot, you get really dry skin.
So then, I usually do sunscreen,
and I really like this weird Japanese sunscreen,
'cause it kinda has no texture.
All my skincare stuff is something that I started
doing in the last year.
'Cause I was like, "Oh shit, I'm 30."
Well actually 31 now, and I was like, "Better
"start taking care of myself, or I'm gonna
"like, I don't know."
Well, whatever.
It's showbiz. [laughing]
Now this isn't an everyday thing, but, I guess
we'll do more serious makeup.
So I usually use primer if I'm gonna do
not daylight makeup.
Yeah, I pretty much always do my own makeup.
Which is not necessarily a good thing,
'cause there's a lot of pictures
of me looking insane.
But I think I'm slowly improving at it.
In the everyday kind of thing, I really like
this tinted sunscreen, which is, I mean, I don't
really go in the sun anyway.
I stay up late and get up late, and avoid
nature at all costs.
But, too much sunscreen,
you can never really have
too much sunscreen, I think.
I usually just wear this.
Like if it's a regular day,
or when I'm not pregnant, I don't need
to wear as much makeup 'cause I'm not all red.
So this is like, chill vibes skin.
But then, if I'm going a bit
harder, I'll usually use the Fenty stuff,
'cause it's pretty hardcore.
It's really thick.
And then I like this super white one.
I guess it's maybe a bit kinda clown,
sort of goth, you know.
And then I like. [tapping]
[soft electronic music]
I don't usually have long nails,
but I have long nails right
now, just 'cause I'm not working on music,
at the moment.
Well, actually, that's kind of a lie,
but, I don't need to be virtuosic
on a guitar at this point in time,
so it's sort of a brief window
where I can have luxurious nails.
'Cause it definitely makes me feel happier.
Big claws.
I really like this powder.
Again, I got this
from a Pony's Makeup tutorial. [laughing]
This stuff just looks really nice.
If you use the tinted moisturizer
and then this, it's just a very clean,
day to day kinda vibe.
I always like a little bit of chapstick.
This lip liner.
It's a black lip liner.
But I always just like.
I put it actually over, on the outside
of my lips, kinda thing.
But for some reason it just makes
me look like I have really nice lips,
I don't know.
If I was stuck with one thing,
it's this lip liner, I wear it every day.
I also like to do big eyebrows.
And I have this weird eyebrow thing.
It doesn't go on your skin, it just colors
the hairs, so it's kinda cool.
I used to have a great unibrow,
like fully a unibrow, and I did wreck
it in high school, 'cause it doesn't
really come back anymore.
Which is sad, to me.
That was a mistake.
Because I feel like unibrows are super
cool now, I don't know.
If I could have it back, I would.
Okay, what did I do, oh yeah,
I better go to eyeliner.
I like these Pat McGrath ones, 'cause they
sorta come off throughout the day,
and then they come down your eyes.
And I like, like after I've been wearing
this for a few hours, I get this kinda rock
and roll, [chuckling] I don't know,
this edgy look, 'cause I have tears of darkness.
And I was on a shoot yesterday, so I kinda have
stuff in my eyes.
[soft electronic music]
Yeah, I definitely like the day after makeup.
I like just smudgy makeup,
I like days of makeup.
I pretty much don't remove my eye makeup,
I just let it come off.
Yeah, so I don't know, I sorta never do
makeup up here.
I have a weird, round face.
So I like making my eyes just very intense
with this just in here, and really in there,
and then I just don't do anything on top.
And then I don't usually use mascara,
'cause I look kinda dumb with mascara on.
But I like the blue mascara.
I don't know if I should do this right now, but.
I'll do one eye.
It'll be a creative decision.
So yeah, I'll do one eye, and then we can see
which one looks better, I guess.
Yeah, see, it's better without.
It's just like a Minnie Mouse look.
I feel like it's more edgy without it.
Yeah, okay, see, mascara doesn't, some
people don't look good with mascara.
I'm one of them.
I don't usually put stuff under my eyes,
'cause I like having bags under my eyes.
Like I like looking kinda scary.
So sometimes I just sorta do kinda,
and then I'm like.
Scary look.
Yeah, see, that's kinda like an edgy,
I kinda like how it sorta looks demonic.
Maybe I'll do the other eye.
I really like the Kardashians' makeup.
I just like the look.
I mean, it's like, obviously some neanderthal
thing where you just like the big eyes,
and the lips, and the contouring,
but it doesn't look good on me, so I can't do it.
But I also really like Bollywood makeup,
that's probably my favorite.
The movie Devdas, the girl in the movie Devdas
just has the prettiest makeup.
'Cause it's just the big eyes.
Eyeliner, especially in here,
kinda gives that vibe.
Then after this, I usually take,
this is more Pat McGrath stuff, but this
is kinda like not shiny lipstick,
so I just kinda like.
It just kinda stains your lips,
and it sorta makes the lip liner,
makes it all look like one thing.
I like the look of being pretty,
but ravaged by war.
Like the character Eva in Metal
Gear 3, or something.
I don't know if anyone knows
who I'm talking about.
Like a bit pretty, but in the game.
One last thing I like to do is take a bit
of shiny stuff.
I think it might be clashing
with the red, but whatever.
Picks up the light, looks cool.
I probably should do looks for albums.
But I just don't have the, like I'm too, I just
like to do it day by day, look by look,
just vibe creatively.
I'm not good at choosing a look
and sticking to it.
But there is a notable lack of continuity
in my look, which is arguably a problem,
but maybe not.
Ooh, I also really like just taking glitter.
I actually, I don't have it here, but I like
this stuff called BioGlitz,
'cause it's biodegradable,
so there's no repercussions.
But I like to put it in my part.
Like, I don't know, just dump
it on myself, really.
I do a lot of painting and drawing,
and so I like to just, you know,
if I have a show, or something.
Just, a little heart on here, but, you know,
just sort of draw things on, like, let's see.
Okay, this might be crazy.
Like, if I'm going to a party, or something,
I just like to like, not look too, oh, see,
I try to never touch the lines.
[soft electronic music]
Not look too normal.
[soft electronic music]
Yeah, I'll definitely let my kid use makeup.
I'll definitely let my kid dye their hair.
I remember my parents wouldn't let
me dye my hair, and then I slowly bleached
it, over years.
I would get slightly lighter, slightly
lighter, and just pretend my hair
was getting naturally bleached by the sun,
and my parents
were like, "Is your hair getting lighter?"
And I was like, "I don't know, I don't know
"what you're talking about."
And then finally, they were just like,
"Okay, you're bleaching your hair." [laughing]
I was like 11, when I started
secretly dyeing my hair.
I have no idea what my natural hair color is.
[soft electronic music]
So recently, I burned off a ton of my hair.
My hair was really long, and really nice,
and the bottoms had been black,
'cause I dyed them black,
And so I was like, "Okay, I'm just gonna
"do one final bleach, and just bleach
"the bottom of my hair, and I'm gonna
"have beautiful Khaleesi hair,
"and it's gonna be amazing."
And then it all, it burned
off, like so, it was devastating.
It was actually so devastating,
I'm like, crying thinking about it.
But I've recently lost a significant
amount of hair, from bleaching my own hair,
so I finally have decided to start,
my friend Chanel dyes my hair now.
Yeah, being pregnant is great for your hair.
I've actually had a lot of regrowth.
I burned my hair off right before I got pregnant,
and it's actually, [laughing] a lot of regrowth,
I don't know.
But, it's kinda been solving the situation.
I'm always a proponent
of liquid eyeliner designs.
Sometimes I do two dots
here, oh, those aren't even.
But, you know, like there or there,
like, sometimes I'll do tears.
Or if I'm playing a show, sometimes I have
goo coming out of my mouth, and down my throat.
Or, sometimes I draw on a choker.
That looks kinda cool.
Sometimes I'll just take a big thing
of coconut oil and slather my hair in it.
Or just, after I get out of the shower,
just take oil, do it, more oil,
do it, more oil, do it.
And then I'll go to sleep, and I'll wake
up, and then, before I came here, I did
this last night, and then I put
on even more, I woke up and then did
even more oil.
Because my hair
is actually, literally, like if I didn't put
tons of oil in my hair,
it's nightmarishly, no one would
ever keep this hair.
But I just drench it in oil, and it sorta
looks normal, actually.
And so you can live with pretty fried hair.
I'm just adding a tiny bit of color.
Okay, this is getting less into beauty,
and more into some weird zone, but.
Lately, I've been drawing a lot
less, 'cause of these nails.
I guess these nails are really inhibiting
my general life, but, ooh, that looks cool.
It might be pretty strong on the forehead, but.
Yeah, see, if you bleach hair and pull
it back, it's less crazy.
Well, it's still crazy,
but it's a bit more sci-fi.
Yeah, so I guess this is my final look.
I'd probably do something with the hair,
'cause I'd probably do really tight hair,
to make this look work.
But yeah, thank you so much for watching,
and have a nice day.
[soft electronic music]
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Grimes’s Pregnancy Skincare & Psychedelic Makeup Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

5 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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