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  • Here we are.

  • Oh, there's one!

  • Oh, she's gone.

  • There's a kitty, he's so FLUFFY!!

  • HI!! He's so cool.

  • He's such a cool kitty.


  • So cute!!

  • Hi~

  • He has a really small face.

  • Mm.

  • HI ヽ(° ▽ °)ノ

  • There's a kitty over there!

  • This is a lot more exciting than I thought it would be!

  • Oh! There's another one over there!

  • Sorry!

  • He's so cute!

  • She's really small.

  • Or maybe he.

  • Another one over there.

  • He's so tiny~

  • Are these all stray cats?

  • Yeah. They're all stray cats. Noraneko.

  • I wonder if it's just this part of Japan, but there are so many cats everywhere.

  • The cats all know who he is. They all came running to him.

  • He's the manager or owner of this place--I'm not sure.

  • He cleans this place, I think.

  • Last time you were here, wasn't it a woman?

  • Yeah, well... I don't know.

  • Maybe he's feeding them.

  • Mmm.

  • Are black cats good luck here?

  • J: Uhh, bad luck but- That's what I thought.

  • But! But it's good luck to me.

  • Yeah.

  • People keep saying that black cats are good luck in Japan.

  • No, it's the opposite.

  • Yeah, that's what I thought. Black cats are bad luck here, too.

  • It's like a common fun fact that people say all the time,

  • that black cats are good luck in Japan. But no.

  • It doesn't matter to me.

  • Jun really likes black cats.

  • There are a lot of cats.

Here we are.

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Japanese stray cat kitty committee! 日本の野良猫

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/20
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