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  • he just takes the stage, doesn't he?

  • So, as you know, folding phones, they've been all the rage.

  • Talked about it a lot here in a channel.

  • But it turns out the folding phone of the future may not be something that you're already aware of.

  • Instead, it may be a device and a brand name synonymous with folding or flipping.

  • Should I say, of course, that is the Motorola razor.

  • Believe it or not, Motorola, they're not done.

  • They apparently are working on their very own play in folding phone marketplace in the form of the Motorola Razor 2019.

  • This is a totally different take from what the other manufacturers air doing.

  • It looks like what they're going to do is have a device that folds out into a smartphone form factor and then folds up into an ultra compact, flip phone like form factor.

  • So what does that do for you?

  • Well, it gives you a smaller package to begin with by not having to fit a typical smartphone display on the outside of the device.

  • But it also gives you less weirdness when it comes to software and folding.

  • You know, the same interface from a small display on to a bigger one.

  • And then how all that's gonna map out within Android instead, this will be a kind of dumb phone, possibly something you interact with via voice, something like Google Assistant, and it's folded format.

  • Then when you fold it open, it sort of takes the shape of a typical smartphone.

  • Now, if you're unfamiliar with the Motorola razor, you're probably pretty young because this thing was a hit once upon a time.

  • So because of that, there may be some clout Associate ID with the Motorola Razor brand name.

  • Another interesting point to make here is that Motorola isn't aiming this thing at Like the premium, hard core, high horsepower type A smartphone market.

  • It's actually rumored that they're gonna put a snapdragon 7 10 on the inside.

  • So not, ah, flagship chip by any means folded out.

  • It's supposed to be a 6.2 inch display, not particularly high resolution, possibly only four gigs of Ram, although only on a device like this, that may be fine.

  • Also, considering that the compact nature of the device is one of the main selling features, the battery likely won't be large either.

  • Just over 2700 mil.

  • AM Powers.

  • Speculation right now is that this next generation foldable razor could cost around $1500.

  • So still not cheap by any means, but definitely less than the other two products.

  • Is there a market for a stylish compact device?

  • They could fit Maur easily into your pocket in exchange for possibly some functionality, especially when closed.

  • Could people move back towards an older form factor?

  • After all, the folded up version of this looks like it could be very compact.

  • Are people ready for style phones again?

  • Because once upon a time, the battle was actually for the smallest devices, not the biggest ones.

  • There's a rumor that the outside display could act as a touch pad when you have it opened up so you could possibly scroll with it or experience some other functionality via the external display.

  • Of course, this is all speculation at the moment, but it does look like this is a product that will happen, and I think it's an important play for Motorola, especially at this stage right now.

  • They were the major player once upon a time when flip phones were ubiquitous, not so much anymore in the smartphone era.

  • But maybe a device like this could reclaim some of the popularity that Motorola has experienced in the past.

  • We just have to find out if customers consumers are interested in a style oriented, crazy, compact, ultra portable smartphone.

  • Are you Maur likely to pick up something like this than the other foldable options for myself?

  • I'm not sure that the functionality drawbacks would be worth the portability gains.

  • But that said, I could see a particular customer who may go for that.

  • Nonetheless, this could be a disrupter in the smartphone space.

  • After all, it represents a completely new form factor that's different than what the other manufacturers air looking at for folding devices.

  • It's very futuristic.

  • You have to admit that.

he just takes the stage, doesn't he?

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