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  • necessity and invention.

  • That's the theme that we're going to get into today.

  • All of us process ideas differently.

  • Reform connections in many cases are very unexpected, and I hold the same happens with you here today.

  • Thistle's a quantum processor, This drive, the next generation of computing and future progress in modern biology and medicine might think there are many things that I do 51 feet to the door and keep straight cognitive assistants.

  • It understands our surrounding word and responds to me.

  • I believe that play has the power to fundamentally change the way that Children learn about their health.

  • I recognize that humor isn't forever.

  • It's only for those of us who wanna have fun, enjoy life and feel alive on.

  • Here's to the algorithms that are helping us get.

  • Does anybody want to know how to manufacture desire?

  • I'm doing it to you right now that bit of the unknown.

  • The bit of mystery causes us to increase focus and engage.

  • Now, today we're taking biotech into a digital era.

  • Why not use the food microbiome as a natural built in sensor to tell us when food is unsafe?

  • So we have sensors linked to Wells.

  • Intermittent mobile data from humans.

  • Whether data that we used to build these digital California whenever you're ready, Africa has got a solution for you.

  • We're not gonna live in a world without plastics.

  • We might as well figure out a way to make it work for us.

  • Way have an unprecedented level of control over our materials.

  • Thermos set.

  • This plastic is going to be a part of the solution.

  • This is my collection.

  • I am a sneaker head sneaker had data is kind of my life.

  • What if we could buy sneakers exactly the same ways we buy stock?

  • What if there was a stock market of things?

  • Warren Financialservices do not have to remain a fast world privilege way, Have the tools and we have the creativity to give every person access to credit that they deserve.

  • Thank you.

necessity and invention.

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