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How on earth are you doing that?
That's the most common question that every magician gets.
And I always reply.
And can you keep a secret?
Well, so can I.
Anyway, today, my answer to this question will be very different.
I'm going to tell you, ho magic tricks and illusions work.
And I'm going to tell you that for real because I think the knowledge about it is very helpful.
It helps not to understand the world we live in.
Well, let's get Oh, sorry.
I almost forgot the famous Red Ted carpet and don't get me wrong.
But that normally of course I do take my shoes off when standing on a carpet.
But if it's okay for you, I'll make an exception to date.
It's okay.
It is perfect.
Key to Magic is written in this book.
We think we believe what we see might be Roger C.
What we believe, Ladies and gentlemen, that expense so much about magic.
Well, let's see what just happened.
You probably believing that this is a book.
Well, it is quite difficult to read in.
It's a box off chocolate.
Welcome to Switzerland.
There, sir.
F one and speaking about reading, you may assume that the voice came out my mouth.
Watch my lips.
We think we believe what we see might be Roger C.
What we believe.
Last but not least, you may assume that I need glasses to see you.
Well, there are no lances.
That's what magic is all about.
Magic challenges the limits off human perception, but it's perception universal.
We need to selector that note.
Perception is not universal perception.
It's very personal.
So your perception it's very different to your perception also your perception or my perception.
So I, as a magician, can just offer something that will may fool you.
But you can only fool yourself.
Why is this?
And Dick Clark, a psychologist from Great Britain, came up with an interesting theory, perceiving as predicting meaning.
Re predict the bird with the patterns we have learned.
And we're just this prediction with our sensory system.
When you came to this place in the morning, you predicted there will be quite a few people.
There will be a stage.
There will be this letter somewhere nearby.
There will be votes, there will be somebody on stage.
But he also adjusted this prediction, I guess.
Or did you predict that there will be somebody like a backpack talking to you?
Don't think so.
It is very impressive on how fast you can learn and improve the predictive power.
A police Listen to this random beeps and whistles.
It was a sunny day in the show's Going to the Park.
Let's listen to it again.
It was a sunny day in the show.
We're going to the park.
It's not really random.
It's a sine wave speech.
And that's the original.
It was a sunny day, and the Children were going to the park.
Now let's go back to the beeps and whistles.
It was a sunny day in the show.
We're going to the park Magic.
You've just improved your predictive power.
You've just learned a new pattern.
Speaking about learning when people see a magic trick, I often think I'm far too stupid for that.
But it couldn't be more wrong.
The more you know about the world, the better magic works for you.
You need to have a very good grasp off the limits of what it's possible in order to experience a magic trick deadly to the next point because magic comes into play when you experience a strong conflict, the conflict between what you think it's possible on one hand and what you experience.
On the other hand, so magic is a brain task, very exclude all possibilities and you're left back with one possibility.
Let me illustrate my point.
We're feeling a glass with water off course.
There's no magic it old cause you have learned that even you can see through a glass liquid stays in sight when putting a coast room and turned it upside down.
There's no magic eater.
Magic starts here for some for others.
Match extorts.
Let's talk about last and most interesting ingredient to accomplish the impossible blindness in attentional blankness.
Inattention Brightness simply means that looking is not seeing You can direct Look at something but not see it.
I'm sure all of us have experienced that he is.
In order to see something, you have to pay attention to it.
Now you know about the most important ingredients off every magic trick.
It's the limits off human perception, the conflict between what you think it's possible and what your experience and in attentional blankness knowing this you probably agree with what's written in here.
We think we believe what we see.
But we wrote her.
See what we believe?
Off course I did read the text out aloud.
Why shouldn't I?
And off course, Here they are.
Lenses inside the glasses.
Have you ever seen glasses?
If our lances.
Oh, the book.
It's my favorite book.
It's a book about 3 to 400 pages.
Thank you.
I forgot something.
I forgot something.
I forgot something.
And you're probably still wondering why the heck I am I wearing a backpack?
Let me tell you, did I tell you that?
Always take my shoes off when standing on a carpet.
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Illusion - Just Another Reality? | Lionel Dellberg | TEDxZurich

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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