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you know, Pakistan has the second highest burden off paper track to see patients in the world.
Slavery Scholar, your con or black Jonas on Dhe, it carries a death sentence.
For a lot of patients, hepatitis C is a disease of epidemic proportions in Pakistan.
It's probably one of the biggest health care challenges that Pakistan faces so combating this scale of disease or something that was actually crucial for Pakistan development in the future.
One is always concerned on your family for your friend for two people you're living with.
We had exposed, I mean, in everyday routine people with a barbershop.
You go to see a clinic, a doctor's suggestion injection and you you are at risk.
The screening off blood quality of testing is not very good in our breakfast.
I don't remember any family when a person is not infected with hepatitis C took a Bacardi community government, and that sucks about Kato, which test cricket like a testicle.
I have testicles, America, many family.
What we're trying to do is break down barriers to access toe hepatitis C medication.
With the direct acting antivirals.
Today, we can cure over 95% of patients with hepatitis C, So this is a huge breakthrough that allows us to think differently about hepatitis C.
And we can now start thinking about elimination of this virus from humans, and this does require a lot of partnerships.
Our partnership with Delia is a very unique model.
It's the first example of its kind.
We're back and told her of a particular medicine is not only working to ensure that that medicine is available at a differentiated price and low income countries, but also it allows local production of ultra generics.
So it gives away tonal and intellectual property.
In that sense, to make sure that people get access to the lowest cost possible, we simply can't put this product on a shelf in a pharmacy and expected to have a big difference.
You need to do a lot of education of patients, education of health care providers Onley through that collaboration team.
Where can we do this for me these directly after Gandhi wanted drugs like dream come true, When they were launched, I had this hunch We are there with the passage of time as the boss came down.
I know we can do it very settled the bill.
Cole, take a quick take a room or got Mary Toronto.
Would you have quite a litany of umbilical check that understood visited hospitals, seen what this disease can do to people to be in a position where you can actually give them that hope that within a few months they cured forever from this disease.
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TED & Gilead partnership on the hepatitis C epidemic in Pakistan

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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