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we got to go. we are late.
okay I'm gonna go just in case they don'T leave us
today's Maiko's birthday and I can't
really tell you where we're going
because Maiko is right there and she
can't know but in the meantime I've got
to go to work so I'll see you guys a little bit
you might be wondering why I'm here
well what kind of takes me to like some
weird places once in awhile and today is
one of those place. guys coming
I want to know if you guys ever done
anything special for your boyfriend and
girlfriend or wife husband let me know
in the comments below I'd like to know
so it's Maiko's birthday today
Maiko actually doesn't know but we're going to go on a
boat crew going to be like a dinner both
guess I don't really know what to expect
because I've actually never did on one
of these things but Maiko doesn't know
we're actually going to surprise her
hopefully she was the right clothes
because it might be cold if we go
outside on the boat
no need to get the most expensive but
you just gotta get something that's cool
you work here? Yes,
We are group of tulips
students very cool girl thank you
crazy it's starting to snow
its really snowing now it was sunny
earlier but cold but now its snowing
now its crazy i mean perfect
finally got home now i'm wondering if i
should do things where I just show it to her or
hide it behind my back may be
able to show it to her
that's going to be
alright so we have about 30 minutes to
get ready
I want to do today but it's gonna be
really really cold and i don't know if i
should do it
ok let's do it all right buddy let's go
so i'm actually not one to wear a suit
I really really hate wearing suits but
sometimes for these special days you
gotta wear what other people want you
the way don't get used to this because
you want to do very often and i wanted
to show on nothing i got these from my
friend brent la pretty cool they're
handmade personally I can't wear them
too often diversity too often but today
when the cuffs thought maybe we'll have
to see
when the taxi Maiko still doesn't know
where we're going
trying to keep this whole surprise thing
going so what we're going to do is
Maiko is going to wear a blindfold
I'm not going to blindfold because...
627 right now we're in traffic
I don't know if we're gonna be able to
figured out how to use my iphone
with this camera now you can be my face
I think it actually works pretty well
but that aside we're still running late
and I was asking the driver
well first of all when we got in the
heart actually told him not to tell her
what we're going because I'm trying to
make this a surprise so I told the
address in secret run away and then
stuck in traffic and I asked him Hayes
faster if we just get on the taxi and
get on the train and then he
accidentally said Hamamatsucho
he's laughing but it's okay
we got to go we are so late
Maiko come on hey we're in trouble
okay I'm gonna go in case they don't leave us
so we made we actually doing it right
are you surprised?
yeah I was afraid if we were gonna miss it
me like no other love em away we are
going to go up to the top of the deck
it wasn't amazing listener funny because
my whole atmosphere case key is like
really good but we're food
that I don't need no okay my God we're
how do you feel did it go how do you
feel there is something you want
you're at me and he said no love no I
don't know thing is you know you don't
need to try things like you always have
to try something new I've never done
Michael's everyone why not life you've
got to try something new everyday or
else going to be the same shit every day
something you don't want to leave now
oh I believe them
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How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

78 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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