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What's that?
Hello there.
And welcome to this extremely scientific episode.
And Simon guys were in a lap.
Yeah, that makes it G actually flew us all the way to New York to their labs, which is awesome and everything.
Yeah, they want us to film a bunch of their technology.
So we're gonna start with this video posted on two other videos on Geese Channel.
So be sure to check this out.
Did you check?
Check this out.
So this video got super hydrophobic material man makes is similar to beaches, right?
Yeah, that's this one here is man made in a test that water get the way it works in nature is that they're actually tiny Nana skop It bears on the planet.
This trap a layer of air that causes the war Just not built to penetrate basics about your trip, Mr Montemayor.
So we're gonna take the Phantom.
I'm gonna take a macro lens super close up shots of the way water reacts on a super hydrophobic science Women under to get food container here poured onto the surface at the same time.
You're nice.
You get Nice.
Collisions are splashing.
Good work There's a technical term Red and blue.
E o way.
Wait, no, Try again, but backlighted so you could see through the liquid.
321 way.
Another thing that happens is the iron filings in water when the magnet goes up to them Very easy to differentiate.
The files from the iron violence have been shaved down to a man.
A scope it scale.
Basically get metallic.
It looks like it looks like a T one.
Okay, so here is the fairest liquid.
So stop nano sized iron filings.
Magnet placed magnet down the test You, but this.
Okay, lift up liquid.
Give it a go.
Get attracted.
See, I live in dense before it pushes down, and it shoots up.
And it was basically a magnetic board.
Attract other.
Yeah, I keep the plate.
I'm slightly towards the camera away.
All right.
It's good.
There's no need for that.
This was literally actually literally been used for about Well, I hope you enjoyed that video camera down on the liquids.
They always looking.
So be sure to follow some twitter and also check out the two videos we made for G E s channel When it's cool.
Men's Mothers Cold Spring and if intrigued by them giving click watch way, Get school it out, Yeah!
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Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid - The Slow Mo Guys

3 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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