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you participate?
You attended an Alec Baldwin roast, but you went as a character.
You went as Alec Baldwin's brother.
One of his brothers, Yes, but it was an unknown brother that we don't know about.
What's the name of this brother?
Karl Heinz Baldwin.
Do we have a picture of Karlheinz Bohm?
Lines is a six brother off the Baldwin family, and he was forgotten in an Austrian large in the late eighties.
Yeah, it's like the film home alone with Carly Michael Maki Muffin.
Karl Heinz is like this man.
Except he grew up in Germany.
Yeah, and so all of the Alec Baldwin films are so many, they would come to Germany.
And Alec.
It's like I'm not going to do these.
Let's throw these two Karl Heinz.
And so Karl Heinz is in lots of Baldwin brother movie.
All right.
Oh, so many.
So many.
Give me Okay.
Like for example?
Oh, of course, that the hunt for red October he was in the the German version of Hunt for Red October.
Yes, it translates to unhinge ahead because a boat yard I knock into hell together.
A boat.
This translates to a sneaky submarine chases on even sneakier submarine.
Okay, What a waste of my time and the world's time.
Watch it.
There is a nice scene underwater.
Sure there is.
What other movies?
Of course.
All of the Baldwin brothers need some German firms.
And so, Steven, heads of Finn Backdraft.
Remember, this was firefighters.
What's was this?
What was that?
That is fire.
That's fire.
You're not on my short rates team.
I don't know what does the go go, girls, Come on.
I never do that.
And you had no fire in a fire.
Water bad.
Okay, so anyways, a fin backdraft.
I was in a desk, Karlheinz.
It's called a fashionista ex demon event.
Delicious for you.
Would that mean sweaty ax man runs through fire?
Oh, yes.
He sound like movies that are not as good as the ones they're basically.
I beg do not agree with that statement.
And then there's a final one.
Yes, of course, Boss Baby, which I am in it as Lula.
But as Karl Heinz Baldwin, I'm in the German film.
I have it here for you.
This is give it to you.
Look at that right there.
You're in the German version of Boss.
That's fantastic.
A very sugar pie keeper changed implausibly.
Young employer.
Yeah, very nice.
I only brought one copy.
Do Would you like to borrow it?
He'll never see it.
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Flula Borg Is Alec Baldwin’s German Brother - CONAN on TBS

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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