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Hey, how's it going, man?
I want to see what I can get for my Charlie's Angels figurines.
Um, so any particular fondness, Charlie's Angels?
Were you a fan when you're a killer?
Fair faucet.
The poster will be honest.
Did you have the fare?
Fawcett poster, uh, to open.
I won in the bathroom and one in the bedroom.
All right, my man, I like your style there.
I came to the pawn shop today to sell my Charlie's Angels figurines, and I thought they were cool.
70 stuff.
And I'm a collector.
I'm hoping to get 300 but I'll settle at 2 50 These cool.
Did you watch the show?
Always loved it.
I guess it was kind of like the first show to tell girls it was okay to be, like, attractive and kind of empowered, I guess.
Yes, it was pretty groundbreaking and not what you're used to seeing on TV Back then.
Charlie's Angels was only on for a few seasons, but it was a huge hit.
It was one of the many Aaron spelling shows that took off immediately.
These dolls are in great condition are probably collectible.
But the show was on so long ago.
I have no idea what that could be worth.
Now, what do you want to do with that man?
Uh, I'd like to sell.
I'm trying to get, like, 300.
Okay, um, built the seventies.
I mean, they were built to last.
They're in good shape.
But here's my concerns.
G I Joes, I get, you know, guys want to collect G i Joes.
They had G i Joes near a kid girls associate with Barbies.
I don't know where Charlie's Angels falls there, you know?
Do you mind if I have a friend of mine, Johnny, come down and take a look at him?
Oh, I know, Johnny.
All right, then you know why I'm calling him.
Oh, yeah.
I'll go give him a ring.
Uh, go check out some stuff in the store, and I'll let you know he gets all right.
I know Johnny.
He's very knowledgeable.
I trust him.
So he'll give me a fair deal Cove and everything looks great.
I mean, they all look original.
May I just I don't know that much about him.
You know?
You got the fare faucet mean, she's kind of like the big deal.
She's the more desired out of the group.
But, I mean, they were trendsetters.
I mean, they started hairstyles and clothing and everything, and then they set the trends.
In the seventies in the seventies, they had a huge TV following.
You had a Star Trek, you had $6 Million Man Bionic Woman, Charlie's Angels.
So there was all this merchandise that immediately followed as soon as they had all these viewers watching these big hit television shows.
So here's my big concern.
Did I know G I Joe's stuff like that?
Guys want exactly.
You know, I can't think of a guy that ever wanted to collect a Charlie's Angel doll on when I think girl, When I think of girls, I think Barbie's so I don't know like we're these lie and how desire really, really are.
Oh, he's insult to you panel.
You know what?
Surprisingly, a lot of guys still go after a lot of these older classic figures.
I mean, this is iconic seventies stuff here.
There was this beautiful women on TV and guys couldn't change the channel.
So, Johnny, tell me, buddy, what do you think they're worth?
Well, I mean, they look in great condition.
I mean, it doesn't look like they're repackaged.
Everything looks original.
All right, well, that's good to know.
I mean, this is exactly what we want to see me in.
The card is really straight.
Hasn't been resealed.
The bubbles clear.
And these air collector great quality.
You have the three of them, and as a group price I would put maybe 1 51 75 Okay, um, works for me, man.
Appreciate it.
Take it easy.
I kind of felt bad for the price of gave.
If Corey's able to pick this up, this will fly off the shelves form.
I mean, not only girls, but guys that grew up in the seventies would love to pick up these figures, you know?
But I gotta tell you, I'm gonna offer you 100 bucks.
Oh, wow.
I can't do How about, uh how about 2 50?
I'm not gonna be able to get to 54.
I've got I've got to turn this stuff.
I'll do it.
110 bucks.
Oh, wow.
How about 2 25?
Like I said, man, I'll do 110 bucks.
Take it or leave it.
You don't got to sell them to me.
But that's, uh that's the most I'm gonna D'oh!
I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
All right.
Well, you and fair go have fun together.
All right?
All right.
I'll be here if you decide to sell him.
Thank you.
I was a little bit let down, but, you know, they have to make money too, So I understand the business.
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Pawn Stars: Tough Negotiation for Charlie's Angels Figurines (Season 13) | History

4 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 20, 2020
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